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5 Reasons to Take a Food Tour in Carlsbad, California

There are many reasons to take a Food Tour in Carlsbad, California and here is a list of the top 5:

  1. The food. Carlsbad’s has amazing food and going on our food tour is one of the best ways to try it. Little Italy in Carlsbad is what we say here, because Carlsbad has a lot of great Italian restaurants including: Caldo Pomodoro, Vigilucci’s and Gregorio’s just to mention a few. Some of my favorite tastings are the baked artichoke hearts and garlic bread from Caldo and the Vodka mushroom pasta from Vigilucci’s.  If you have a sweet tooth, Carlsbad has some great options as well.  Gaia Gelato & Carlsbad Chocolate Bar are a couple of my favorites, yum!
  2. The insider info.With a local expert giving you information and awesome recommendations for places to eat, how can you go wrong.
  3. You get to see the city from a completely different view point.It’s hard to see a city as it is when you are only there for a few days. On a food tour you get to see it through the eyes and words of a local. You get to hear the cities story through a local’s voice… and you are pretty much guaranteed to have an awesome meal, or two or three.
  4. It’s way more than just a food talk and taste.You learn the history of the city. How Carlsbad got its name. And where the miracle water is located. Not only do you learn about the town but you will also learn about the history of the eateries and how they got started.
  5. It is also a personal walking tour.It is great to explore the city with someone that really knows it. You will learn about the main streets that have shopping on them, and those that don’t. And about the cities changing demographics and or local events that are happening. More importantly we learned about the food and the people who make Carlsbad the special place it is… A Food Tour in Carlsbad, California is a special experience.