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Bressi Living Magazine – Carlsbad, Carlifornia

Bressi Living Magazine – Carlsbad California

Bressi Living Magazine – Carlsbad, Carlifornia – Bressi Ranch has such a sense of community and the residents care very much about the area they call home. We all lead such busy lives that our goal is to try to help keep the community connected. Published by N2 Publishing.
Bressi Living Magazine – Carlsbad, Carlifornia is an exclusive monthly Publication mailed monthly directly to the residents of Bressi Ranch.Published by N2 Publishing, Bressi Living Magazine will include articles, stories, features & photographs of Bressi Ranch residents.

Bressi Living Magazine – Carlsbad, Carlifornia – Resident Restaurant Review of Carlsbad Food Tours
Residents Doug & Lydia Vargo share their different perspectives on this Month’s Resident Restaurant Review, which was actually an outing with the one and only Carlsbad Walking Food Tour.
He said: it was a beautiful sunny day as we set off on our Sunday afternoon Taste of Carlsbad Food Tour from the center of downtown Carlsbad. After a quick orientation from our host, Cherie, and some group introductions, we were off with a promise that we were going to be treated to an unforgettable cultural and culinary experience.
She said: I am ashamed to admit that we have lived in the US for over four years and I had no idea the history of Carlsbad. For instance, Carlsbad was actually named after the famed spa in the Bohemian town of Karlsbad in Czech Republic due to its water being chemically similar. Who woulda thunk it? Or should I say, drunk it?