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Carlsbad Food Tours is the first Carlsbad culinary tour

Yum- Cafe-Topes-cinnamon-rolls!Carlsbad Food Tours is the first Carlsbad culinary tour dedicated to helping visitors and Carlsbad residents enjoy the best of Carlsbad food and cultural experience off the beaten path. Begin researching for Carlsbad Food Tours by first enjoying the some of the delicious ethnic foods in Carlsbad Village downtown historical neighborhood. Sample authentic Mexican burritos at Lol’s Mexican and traditional Italian pasta and pizza at Caldo Pomodoro. Taste a little piece of heaven from the Chocolate Bar. These experiences and many others inspired the creation of Carlsbad’s finest culinary walking tours. Tour number 1 is called the Village tour, that tour explore in inner Village restaurants as well as some of the new and exciting off the beaten path cafes.
Don’t be surprised to see more tours like Carlsbad culinary tour offered in the future; there are so many fine dining places in Carlsbad that it is hard to see them all in a three hour time frame. Carlsbad Food Tours also offers Private Tours. Tickets can be purchased on Carlsbad Food tours website at or at ( Besides tasting some of Carlsbad great specialty foods, participants also learn about the history and cultural influences in Carlsbad. A goal for the food tours is for everyone to enjoy themselves during the tour, while tasting fabulous food and learning new and entertaining fact about Carlsbad.
It is a three hour adventure into the best of what Carlsbad has to offer. See Carlsbad Village from a whole new perspective – Carlsbad culinary tour.
Between tastings, you’ll experience the life of a Carlsbadian as you stroll the bustling tree-lined streets of Carlsbad. Guides will share their knowledge and recommendations of architectural gems, historic mansions, backdoor venues and exciting local attractions and restaurants.
Explore your inner foodie/culinary artisans with Carlsbad culinary tour