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Hole in the Wall Report – Lola’s 7 Up Mexican Market And Deli ~ Carlsbad

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Hole in the Wall
I love a hole in the wall. Places that you would never expect to find great food. They are not about “starred Chefs” …they are about local, people, family, and food. When I heard about this place “A taco shop inside a Mexican market, off the beaten path in Carlsbad”. I was sold.It is hard to compare these kind of places to high-end ones , because they are in two different worlds.  What I will say is when I talk to Chefs from high-end restaurants and ask for recommendations is always a hole in the wall place.  Ask a 3 star Chef what he loves to cook at home when he is off; he will say something like ” Grilled cheese sandwiches for my kids on a Saturday morning or my mother’s spaghetti and meatballs for my wife”.  That is why I love these places: Lola’s 7 Up Mexican Market And Deli ~ Carlsbad.
My order ~ Fish taco and a carne asada burrito and a Mexican coke.

Fish Taco.
So honestly the fish taco was OK. The salsa Fresca was a 10. The one that stole the show was the carne asada burrito. They use meat from Tip Top Market. It was fresh and full of flavor. Probably one of the best I’ve had in North County in a while. They load it…so make sure you get it the way you like. Mine was carne, salsa fresca, guac, cheese, and lettuce. They also offer rice and beans inside if you want.
This is just a note ~  Do not go against me about lettuce in a burrito because that will be a  losing battle for you. By chance if you like rice or beans in your burrito go for it. I do like rice in my chicken burritos…so to each their own.
If your in Carlsbad and want Mexican food give them a shot rather than someplace that ends in “..bertos”.
Lola’s 7 Up Market and Deli

3292 Roosevelt St
Carlsbad, CA 92008