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North County Women in Networking

Great North County Women In Networking event today! Wonderful catching up with Judy Ann Foster, Cheri Poulos, Nicole J Caplette, Stacey Smith Bacon, Caroline Wogan Andrews.
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 North County Women In Networking (NCWIN )

We are member-based organization that empowers and supports female professionals and provides social engagement in a diverse and positive environment, as well as promoting philanthropy through service and scholarships.

October 2017 North County Women in Networking

Today’s excellent speaker:

Mary Goulet

How to Make the Best Decisions in
All Areas of Your Life Consistently

An engaging presentation about how we make decisions on a daily basis and how to make ones we can trust.

Courage to make tough or risky decisions.
Confidence you made the right decision.
Focus on the bigger picture of your life and what you really want.

Our talk will cover:

  • Why not to believe everything you think.
  • Why confusion is a good thing
  • Why not to follow your heart

Author, TV host, and speaker, Mary Goulet is an expert at creating success in business. Mary has developed and put into practice a system for decision-making based on intuitive gut feelings. As both Donald Trump and Oprah Winfrey have discussed, it’s difficult even for those with finely honed business skills to know how to use business driven instincts. “People make decisions based on three different elements – the Head, the Heart and the Gut,” explains Goulet. Mary teaches her audience how to differentiate between these three elements, how they work together to influence decisions, and how to identify and stop confusion. Go With Your Gut! is a proven, decision-making philosophy.


Our Partnership with Cal-State San Marcos

North County Women in Networking is a proud supporter of women and has an amazing partnership with our local university Cal State San Marcos.  We give back to our community through CSUSM by providing scholarships to women. Our recipients are women who are looking to better their lives and the lives of their families through higher education.  Cal State San Marcos and NCWIN began a relationship in 1995. At the time, NCWIN was one of the first few scholarships offered at CSUSM. We have now been partners for 20 years! CSUSM is excited to be celebrating their 25th anniversary in 2015. The University has grown so much, but only thanks to wonderful supportive organizations like NCWIN!College students face many obstacles that for many includes financial hardships. Even with scholarship funds many students still struggle.  Fees and tuition at CSUSM are over $7K per year. Books average $1000 to $1700 depending on the major.  So even a scholarship of $1,000 makes an impact. However, it’s not just the money that helps our student  recipients, it’s also the motivation they gain by being recognized and celebrated for their perseverance and achievement!
As of 2014 NCWIN has donated over $50,000 in scholarships to CSUSM female students!  That’s the power of business-women in action! NCWIN has many dedicated members that help fund-raise and support our scholarship fund throughout the year (or ‘every year’). Our CSUSM liaison stated, “with the support of NCWIN, we are changing lives. In the over 20 years that we’ve partnered together, we’ve seen many students with many different life stories. Many of those young women, who have received an NCWIN scholarship, have told us that the scholarship and support is the only thing that has kept them moving forward. That monetary support, but even more importantly the idea that the student has someone in their corner, it makes such a huge difference”. 

Business Women’s Networking with a Purpose!

 Our Format

The NCWIN Women’s Business Luncheon is on the
2nd Wednesday of Each Month

Our meetings offer:

  • 30 minutes of networking prior to the formal meeting
  • Member Spotlight Presentations
  • Member 30-second Introduction
  • Visitor Introductions
  • Vendor Tables
  • Door Prize Opportunity Drawings
  • Outstanding educational speakers, focusing on today’s most relevant business topics
  • Delicious gourmet meals
  • Opportunities to connect with North County’s most dynamic women business owners

 Scholarship Recipient Sponsorship