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eat more fiber

Make a Commitment to Eat more Fiber this Year!

Everything you need to know about fiber: Eat more fiber this year! Weight management: Adding Fiber to your diet can help manage your weight. Fiber increases feelings of fullness.By reducing hunger pains it helps to keep one from eating higher calorie items. Improved blood sugar control: Fiber also helps to slow the absorption of the sugars down allowing them to be more efficiently used throughout the day. Improved immune function: High-fiber diets help reduce your risk of getting a chronic digestive disease processes, i.e. Irritable Bowel Syndrome, it has also been linked to decreasing inflammation and pain. Heart Disease & Stroke prevention: Fiber also helps to support heart health by reducing cholesterol levels, which is also linked to a higher risk of stroke. Skin health: Fiber, particularly psyllium husk, may help move yeast and fungus out of your body To boost fiber intake: Focus on eating…