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Food and the holidays

Fun, Food, and Fitness on Transition Radio Show

  Listen to Transition Radio Show to learn more about fun, food and fitness with Tien Nguyen and Khang Nguyen of Fittech Software who talks about an amazing health and fitness app. Followed by Cherimarie Poulos of Carlsbad Food Tours, shares her knowledge about starting a food tour business and what the tours entail. Transition Radio Show will be discussing: Food and the holidays – the struggle with temptations A fitness app that provides a complete solution to change the fitness and health market The Athex movement and the technology behind it Two big problems in the fitness industry Making realistic goals for what you want to achieve in life The benefits of a food tour experience and what it entails Transition Radio Show: Fun, Food & Fitness Enjoy Transition Radio’s Blog Post on Carlsbad Food Tours: Transition Radio Show –…