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Foodies who travel "Taste Trekkers"

Co-Founder of Culinary Concepts Catering Travels to Copenhagen to Research Sea Change in New Nordic Cuisine  

  Culinary Concepts November 2017 Being in the food and hospitality industry for more than three decades, Koenig was surprised by the restaurant’s recent opening, given the artful presentation, complex flavor profiles of each course and the expert timing and flow of food from the kitchen–a sign that the team functions as a whole. Koenig…

What is Food Tourism – Taste Trekkers

Learn more :Taste Trekkers/Food-Tourism What is Food Tourism – Taste Trekkers? Food tourism (or “culinary tourism”) is simply a matter of traveling beyond your immediate neighborhood to find great food. Of course, the further you are willing to travel, the broader the your range of culinary experiences will be. Whether you’re heading to Italy for…

Taste Trekkers Foodies Who Travel

Taste Trekkers Founded in 2013, Taste Trekkers is the nation’s leading food tourism website providing travel tips and local food recommendations to thousands of traveling foodies around the globe. Geared toward people who plan their vacations around food, Taste Trekkers offers curated advice from culinary experts in the form of its Find Dining Podcast, Food…

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