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Global Food Tourism

Global Food Tourism Association Conference 2018

Recently I attended the Global Food Tourism Association Conference in Austin, Texas and it was fabulous. So much information in a short period of time, I have a to do list a mile long of ways to improve my business. Love working with Shane and the GFTA staff to take my business to the next…

Food Tourism is a Growing Travel Trend

Do you ever find that the smell of local foods is one of your strongest travel memories? Food is one of the best ways to experience a culture, and food tourism, which is also called culinary tourism or food tours is a growing travel trend. Food tourism is simply a matter of traveling beyond your immediate neighborhood to find great food. Of course, the further you are willing to travel, the broader your range of culinary experiences will be. Basically, food tourism is the exploration of food as the purpose of tourism. As you have probably noticed foodie tourists share millions of food and photos daily across social platforms like Twitter, Facebook & Instagram. This increases a traveler’s awareness of the different types of cuisines and cultures which helps to fuel their desire to experience them. Festivals and culinary events…

Global Food Tourism Conference (GFTC) – Learn, Network, Savor & Celebrate

Global Food Tourism Conference (GFTC) – Learn, Network, Savor & Celebrate Food Tourism is one of the largest and fastest growing sectors internationally. Produced by Food Tour Pros, the Global Food Tourism Conference is the industry-leading conference platform for anybody that owns, operates or works at a Food & Culinary Tourism business. Including speakers and…

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