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local carlsbad history

Tidbits of Carlsbad History – Carlsbad is all about the water

Carlsbad history is all about the water! Water has been an integral part of Carlsbad’s history starting with the early settlements. A Lagoon, a river, a mineral springs and an ocean is what Carlsbad’s story is all about. Carlsbad History – Luiseno Indian Tribe Carlsbad history begins with the Luiseño people who located one…

Twin Inns – Carlsbad Landmark – Now The Land and Water Company

History of the House – Twin Inns – Carlsbad Landmark: In 1883 John A Frazier chose to settle in this area and named it Frazier’s Station. He dug a well for his water supply and later analysis of the deep (over 400 feet) well water showed it to be nearly identical to the water from a famous well, in Karlsbad, Bohemia. To celebrate this fact the name of the area was changed from Frazier’s Station to Carlsbad, CA. Promotion of Carlsbad was begun by the California Southern Railway (Sante Fe) and by the Carlsbad Land and Mineral Water Company. A large hotel was erected near the well (where Alt Karlsbad now stands), and railway waiting rooms across the country featured posters of the new Carlsbad Spa and its miraculous waters. In 1887, the president of the land company, Gerhard Schutte who had…