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Indulgence Food Tour – Taste the Good Life

Taste the Good Life

Our Indulgence Food Tour will allow you to indulge yourself at our newest and tastiest restaurants in Carlsbad.

  • Satisfy your hunger during our Carlsbad walking tour as we make stops to 8 new eateries. Come hungry to experience a gratification of desire
  • Cuisine from all over the world comes together to create a tasting experience that is unlike any other food extravaganza, indulge yourself.
  • The food on this tour is enough to provide lunch for most people, so bring your appetite! Enjoy tasting the best food in Carlsbad.
  • Can’t decide which place to go to for lunch? Try them all and see for yourself what Carlsbad’s food scene is all about. A taste of Carlsbad.

The Indulgence Food Tour Departs daily at 11:30 am

Restrooms available during the experience.

Suitable for most ages and fitness levels. Due to staircases, it is not wheelchair accessible.

Small groups of no more than 20 guests per guide.

Vegetarian substitutions are available. Notify us of SERIOUS allergies or aversions.

Indulgence Food Tour – Taste the Good Life

Duration: 3 hr. guided walking tour
Location: Carlsbad, California “The Village by the Sea”





Caldo Pomodoro

The “Hot Tomato”, not a new restaurant but one of the best in Carlsbad so we had to keep it on the tour. Sicilian style family owned & operated eatery in the Village.

Cicciotti’s Trattoria

Cicciotti’s is casual Italian dining cooked by a Published Author & Chef Gaetano Cicciotti. They serves classic Italian pasta like fettuccine Alfredo.

Humble Olive Oils

Humble Olive Oils is a family owned and operated olive oil store and tasting room located on State Street in beautiful downtown Carlsbad.

Barrel Republic

Barrel Republic is the Mecca for craft beer lovers to come for freedom: the FREEDOM TO POUR, and the freedom to be among other like-minded craft beer enthusiasts.

The Goods

Artisanal donuts; Strawberry Cheesecake, Smores, Bear Claws and Butter donuts

Park 101

Park 101 is Carlsbad’s unique answer to community dining, and sipping in style in the heart of the Village. Our BBQ inspired meat-centric menu offers lip smacking selections.

Gaia Gelato

Gaia prepares gelato in small batches every day, using only our authentic Italian recipes. They have installed in the heart of Carlsbad an authentic Gelato Lab: all the machines an

Carlsbad Chocolate Bar

Offers an extensive variety of chocolates, full coffee and expresso bar, and retail wines, ports, and champagne.
Come and taste the good life with Carlsbad Food Tours