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Vigilucci's Italian Restaurant by Getaway San Diego

Getaway Daily Video Highlight!
Vigilucci’s Italian Restaurant – Getaway San Diego
Its the 2nd day of the Vigilucci’s Restaurant Group week, and today we are highlighting Vigilucci’s Cucina Italiana on State Street in Carlsbad! One of our Publishers favorite restaurants. Enjoy a easy dining experience with a traditional Italian touch. Our team loves it so will you! Vigilucci’s Italian Restaurant is definitely a favorite in Carlsbad.

Vigilucci's Gourmet Market Carlsbad CA

Vigilucci’s Gourmet Market Carlsbad CA

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Vigilucci’s  Italian  Restaurants  are  now  celebrating  20  years,  Vigilucci’s Italian Restaurant offers   authentic  Italian  recipes  from  Milan.    Roberto  Vigilucci  has  a  passion  for  traditional   Italian  cuisine.  In  Italy  the  kitchen  is  the  center  gathering  spot  for  the  family.     Roberto  has  many  happy  memories  of  childhood  in  Milano  and  the  delicious  Italian   home  cooking  he  enjoyed.  Vigilucci’s Italian Restaurant has  several  locations  in  the  San  Diego  region   including  2  restaurants  and  a  Gourmet  Market  in  Carlsbad  Village.       Vigilucci’s  specialty  dishes  including  homemade  pasta,  savory  veal,  chicken,  steak   and  seafood.    Vigilucci’s  also  offers  an  award-­‐‑winning  wine  list  to  tempt  your  taste   buds.  Vigilucci’s  Cucina  is  Italian  cuisine  at  it’s  best!  Located  in  the  heart  of   downtown  Carlsbad,  Vigilucci’s  Cucina  Italiana  is  the  perfect  spot  for  a  quiet  night   out,  with  fabulous  food.   Vigilucci’s  new  Gourmet  Market  has  everything  Italian,  that  you  may  want  to  make   extraordinary  meals  at  home.    One  of  my  favorites  is  the  mushroom  vodka  sauce  and   pasta.    The  Market  also  offers  full-­‐‑service  catering  to  suit  any  party  or  celebration.   Custom  menus  are  available at Vigilucci’s Italian Restaurant.
Come and visit Carlsbad “Little Italy in Carlsbad” Vigilucci’s Italian Restaurant is one of our favorite restaurants in Carlsbad. We also love Vigilucci’s Gourmet Market. Panini sandwiches, more than 50 unique imported cheese, olive oil and balsamic vinegar, pantetone, delicious italian wines, pasta, marinara and much much more.  It is like going to Italy for the day.