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Support Local Businesses - Get Your "Taste of Carlsbad Gift Box"

Support Local Carlsbad Businesses

on April 14, 2020 | By Cherimarie Poulos

To support our local businesses, Carlsbad Food Tours has curated a Taste of Carlsbad Gift Box that features various Carlsbad food vendors.

  • Support local small businesses in Carlsbad during COVID-19 shutdown
  • Local businesses are owned and operated by your neighbors! They care about and our invested in the well-being of your community.
  • Local businesses are more accountable to their local communities and donate more money to nonprofits.
  • Supporting local businesses is good for the environment because they often have a smaller carbon footprint than larger companies.
  • For every $100 you spend at local businesses, $68 will stay in the community.
  • Small businesses employ 77 million Americans and accounted for 65% of all new jobs over the past 17 years.
  • Locally owned businesses build strong communities by sustaining vibrant town centers, linking neighbors economically and socially.


  • No car needed, your package will be home delivered
  • Circle around your community, taking care of each other.
  • Food from some of our favorite specialty shops
  • Delicious food products
  • Be Safe, Stay Home
  • Shop Local

What to Expect


Taste of Carlsbad Gift Box

We got your back, Carlsbad! Helping Small Businesses Survive During COVID 19!

With our food tours on hold until our beloved city recovers, we wanted to find a way to still support our local restaurants and community.

Taste of Carlsbad Gift Box will feature a rotating mix of 5 unique Carlsbad food specialty shops.

Local Carlsbad Food Vendors Participants:

Humble Olive Oils

Gelato Love

Charter Oaks Preserve

Carlsbad Gourmet

Carlsbad Chocolate Bar

Chuao Chocolate

Park 101

It’s the best of Carlsbad all in one box.

Thank you for your support of this evolving project to support local small businesses!

Stay Home + Be Safe
+ Support Carlsbad’s Small Businesses

By providing this service, Carlsbad Food Tours is directly helping small businesses in Carlsbad who are either shut down due to the mandate, or because they cannot afford to keep their doors open without foot traffic.

Each box supports 5 Carlsbad vendors at once, assisting people in our community most affected by COVID-19.

Have questions? Call: 760 215-9433

Our top priority is your health and safety.

Carlsbad Food Tours

Stay safe & wash your hands!

Cherimarie Poulos

Founder and CEO

Give the Gift of good food with Carlsbad Food Tours Gift Certificates:

Carlsbad Food Tours is curating a Taste of Carlsbad Gift Box that features a rotating mix of various Carlsbad food vendors.

Taste of Carlsbad Box

Humble Olive Oils

Tuscan Herb Olive Oil 2oz
18 year Traditional Balsamic Vinegar 2 oz

Charter Oaks Preserving Company

Hot Pepper Jelly

Carlsbad Gourmet

Strawberry Mustard

Carlsbad Chocolate Bar

Sea Salt Chocolates

Gelato Love

Strawberry Jam

Park 101

Mimosa Mix

Chuao Chocolate


Purchase your box today: Taste of Carlsbad Box

Where to Meet

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Cherimarie Poulos

Cheri was born & raised in California. She has lived in San Diego over 20 years, her children were born in the area. She has a strong connection to Carlsbad, in fact one of her daughers was Miss Carlsbad 2005. So she voted herself to be Mrs. Carlsbad. Now the Chief Foodie and Founder of Carlsbad Food Tours! She loves Carlsbad and is happy to share her knowledge about the local history and great eateries in the Carlsbad Village.

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