Park 101

~ Est. 2017 ~

The concept of Park 101 was an idea that a group of restaurant partners had in mind for a while. The plan was to make a plaza-like complex that offered a variety of food and beverage options in relaxing environment with something for everyone where guests could chill with friends, kids, and even their dogs.

The 8,000 square foot, open-air complex allows visitors to enjoy San Diego’s greatest asset — beautiful weather and almost constant sunshine. Guests at Park 101 can enjoy beach breezes and sunshine while they sample barbecue favorites, sip beverages, and hang out with friends and neighbors. The concept marries the outdoors of a park, with the vibe of a community, topped off with great food and beverage options.

Park 101 Info: Four Dining Options in One

Deli & Dough - Donuts & Sandwiches: grab & go style market Smoked Meats - Just past the side door to the deli is the door that leads you into the cafeteria style dining area, known simply as Smoked Meats. Popular at the Smoked Meats counter are the Tri Tip, the Pulled Pork Fries & mouthwatering burgers. Tamarack -A roof-top style lounge where you can watch the sun go down while sipping on a beer. Garden Pub - The Garden Pub is the bar on north side of the patio area. Come Belly up to the bar

  • Executive Chef: Ryan Tuskan
  • General Manager: Jenny Pohlkamp
  • Location: 340 Carlsbad Blvd., Carlsbad, CA 92008
  • Deli Hours: 7AM-9PM
  • Restaurant/Bar Hours: 11AM-Midnight


Park 101

Specializes in Smoked Meats

3040 Carlsbad Boulevard
Carlsbad, CA, United States