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Vegan & Vegetarian Friendly Cities 2018

Posted on October 19, 2018 |
Nov. 1 is World Vegan Day, in preparation, the personal-finance website WalletHub  released its report on 2018’s Best Cities for Vegans & Vegetarians.

WalletHub compared the 100 largest cities across 16 key indicators of vegan- and vegetarian-friendliness. Including the total number of restaurants per location that were serving meatless options as well as the cost of vegetarian options in grocery stores

Vegan & Vegetarian Friendly Cities
1New York, NY11Washington, DC
2Portland, OR12Tampa, FL
3Orlando, FL13Chicago, IL
4Seattle, WA14Phoenix, AZ
5San Francisco, CA15Miami, FL
6Los Angeles, CA16Atlanta, GA
7Austin, TX17Anaheim, CA
8Scottsdale, AZ18Nashville, TN
9San Diego, CA19Houston, TX
10Las Vegas, NV20Madison, WI


Best vs. Worst – Vegan & Vegetarian Friendly Cities

  • Scottsdale, Arizona, was noted to have the most restaurants serving vegetarian options and the most restaurants serving vegan options.


  • San Francisco has the most community-supported agriculture programs.  They also happen to have the highest cost for groceries for vegetarians, which is interesting. San Francisco also has the most Farmer’s Markets.


  • New York’s specialty is their salad restaurants and New Jersey has the least.  New York also has the most Smoothly Bars.


  • Affordablity Rating: Least Affordable: Honolulu, Hawaii, then San Francisco


  • Number 1 Vegetarian Lifestyle is Anaheim, California.


  • Best city for Vegetable Nurseries per capita is Miami, Fl.


  • San Diego ranked 9  in the Top 20 Cities for Vegans and Vegetarians.




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