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MSNBC Your Business Show Features Carlsbad Food Tours


Carlsbad Food Tours had a very successful first season:



Carlsbad Small Business Awards 2016

Carlsbad Food Tours is a finalists in 6 categories!

About the Awards: The Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce created the small business awards as a way to recognize the accomplishments of small-business owners. The awards celebrate the spirit of entrepreneurship and the fact that small business owners make up more than 99.7 percent of all employers in the country – and also more than 90 percent of our membership.

Who is eligible: Nominees must be companies with less than 100 employees. All nominees must be members of the Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce in good standing.

Winners will be announced at the 2016 Small Business Awards Luncheon, which will be held Friday, October 7.

Small Business Awards Finalists

New Small Business Award

Carlsbad Food Tours

Develop Your Team

Hanscom Alexeev & McDaniel LLP


Pure Barre Carlsbad

Community Impact Award

Carlsbad Educational Foundation

Carlsbad Food Tours

Little Cakes Cupcake Kitchen

New Village Arts Theatre

Renaissance Institute of Music, Inc.

Studio 2055

Servant Leadership

Excellence in Professional Services

Arbor Scientia

Capital Legacy Law, Inc.

Carlsbad Food Tours

Fleischer & Ravreby, Attorneys at Law

The Loftin Firm, P.C.

Carolyn B. Reinmiller Public Relations

San Diego Eye Care Center

Studio 2055

Sustainability Award

Carlsbad Food Tours

The Jacobs & Cushman San Diego Food Bank

Miguel’s Cocina Carlsbad

Women-owned Business

Gita Nassiri, Capital Legacy Law, Inc.

Cherimarie Poulos, Carlsbad Food Tours

Jani Jackson, Develop Your Team

Rita Famulare, Famulare Jewelers

Myra Fleischer, Fleischer & Ravreby, Attorneys at Law

Paola Richard & Cristina Amoroso, Gaia Gelato

Sue Loftin, The Loftin Firm, P.C.

Kristianne Kurner, New Village Arts Theatre

Dr. Sally Mellgren, San Diego Eye Care Center

Nanette Newby, Studio 2055

Catherine Magaña, WWM Financial/ Savvy Women Wealth Management

Best Marketing Practices

Believe in Signs

Carlsbad Food Tours

Coolest Shoes in California

Freedom Window Cleaning

New Village Arts Theatre

Studio 2055


Bressi Ranch Resident Restaurant Review of Carlsbad Food Tours

Carlsbad Food Tours

Residents Doug & Lydia Vargo share their different perspectives on this Month’s Resident Restaurant Review, which was actually an outing with the one and only Carlsbad Walking Food Tour.

He said: it was a beautiful sunny day as we set off on our Sunday afternoon Taste of Carlsbad Food Tour from the center of downtown Carlsbad. After a quick orientation from our host, Cherie, and some group introductions, we were off with a promise that we were going to be treated to an unforgettable cultural and culinary experience.

She said: I am ashamed to admit that we have lived in the US for over four years and I had no idea the history of Carlsbad. For instance, Carlsbad was actually named after the famed spa in the Bohemian town of Karlsbad in Czech Republic due to its water being chemically similar. Who woulda thunk it? Or should I say, drunk it?

Read More: http://www.carlsbadfoodtours.com/bressi-ranch-resident-restaurant-review-of-carlsbad-food-tours/


-- Bressi Ranch_Jul16.pdf

Are you a Foodie? Meet Cheri Poulos, Carlsbad Food Tours

San Diego Speakers Guild Interview with Cheri Poulos, Carlsbad Food Tours


Featured on Visit Carlsbad tourist website

Visit Carlsbad


Carlsbad Magazine featured article "Eat Your Heart Out in Carlsbad"

Carlsbad Magazine  July/Aug 2014

-- Carlsbad Magazine

Featured on Tast Trekkers Food & Travel

“What do Foodies need to know about Carlsbad?

5 Questions with Cherimarie Poulos of Carlsbad Food Tou

-- Taste Trekkers

5 star Trip Advisor Rating 2014 & 2015

Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence

Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence

5 out of 5 star ratings on both Trip Advisor

Rated number 17 out of 58 THINGS TO DO IN CARLSBAD
Top Tours in Carlsbad

Rated number 1 out of 3 FOOD AND DRINK
Food & Drink in Carlsbad


-- Trip Advisor

5 Star Customer Review

Reviewed 8-19-15

From the time you start the tour until the very end, this was an AMAZING experience! Not only did Cheri know so many interesting facts about the city, but the food choices were AMAZING! I loved hearing about all the art around time and finding out that Carlsbad has a password required Speak Easy!!!

We stopped at several places around town.  The Chocolate Bar and tried AMAZING sea salt caramels, and HUGE peanut butter cups!  Senor Grubby’s and tried their Carnita’s tacos which had a wonderful flavor and the addition of the pineapple was delicious!  Sub Zero Ice Cream, which was pretty good, but not my favorite stop, but still fun to see how it’s made!  Gregorio’s where we sampled their famous appetizers of Eggplant sliders which were new and great!

Carlsbad Alkaline water where we learned some history and got to try some of the “miracle” water!  Witch Creek Winery where we got to sample three of their wines (which were all AMAZING!)

Vigilucci’s Market where we got to try one of their catering samplers which including some fantastic sausage!  Humble Olive Oils which in itself was AWESOME! We couldn’t leave without buying a bottle of their Lime and Pomegranate liquid gold!!!  And Caldo Pomodoro where we got to try some of their garlic bread and cheesy artichokes.

It was a WONDERFUL experience, and something that we would have never thought to try before! Definitely will be back and bringing some more of my foodie friends with me.

-- Yelp

5 Star Customer Review

Reviewed 6-30-2015

Our guide Cherimarie did a great job explaining history of each tasting location as well as the history of Carlsbad. Tasting location were carefully selected including variety of restaurants such as Caldo Pomodoro, where we sampled its delicious garlic bread and fresh tomato sauce, to Witch Creek Winery providing samples of great wines. My favorite was Caldo Pomodoro where we got to meet the owner as well. He was very friendly and provided helpful information about the restaurant. Lola’s Mexican Deli was great as well. I appreciate the family history of the restaurant and the fact that most of the family members still work there. Chocolate Bar offered a taste of its salted caramel chocolate truffles and Cafe Topes impressed us with its delicious cinnamon rolls. Overall, my boyfriend and I had a great time and will come back for the upcoming “Chocolate, Cheese & Wine” tour.

-- Yelp

Food Lover's Delight

Reviewed August 20, 2015

My husband and I took a Food Walking Tour with Cherimarie on Saturday afternoon and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves so much that we also took the Eat Dessert First Tour on the following Wednesday . The foods we tasted were yummy, the business owners were obviously pleased to have us there. Cherimarie is very personable and also is very knowledgeable about out the Carlsbad area. We highly recommend this as a fun, yummy way to spend a couple of hours.


-- Trip Advisor

A Fun Day!

Reviewed 6-12-15

We loved our 3 hr tour in Carlsbad. Our tour guide/owner, Cherimarie, did a fabulous job. She is very personable, knowledgeable, and a lot of fun. She introduced us to 5 different restaurants, a winery store (wahoo), and a chocolate bar, with tasteings at each. I have been on tours with other tour companies, and she is the first to give a handout showing a list of all the establishments you will visit, along with their address, hrs of operation, phone #. It also includes a map pinpointing the location of each establishment – for future use. Excellent!! There are even some coupons included. The standouts for me were the garlic bread and baked artichokes at Caldo Pomodoro, the Pomegranate wine at Witch Creek Winery, the eggplant slider at Gregorio’s Italian Restaurant, and the sea salt chocolate caramel at Carlsbad Chocolate Bar. Kudos to Carlsbad Food Tours. It was a fun …. filling …… afternoon.

-- Trip Advisor

08/10 Magazine

08/10 Magazine

-- 08/10 Magazine


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Carlsbad Food Tours in Carlsbad California, things to do in Carlsbad

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Speciality vendor for the Grand Pacific Resorts & Hotel

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– Hilton Vacation Club – Marbrisa

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