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Women’s Wisdom Virtual Networking Group

on April 9, 2020 | By Cherimarie Poulos

Women’s Wisdom is a  Premier Networking and Relationship-Building Group for Purpose-Driven and Soul-Inspired Female Entrepreneurs around the world. Entrepreneurial women love to share the success of other women. They find the creativity inspirational and thought provoking. Women helping other women succeed. Virtual Networking with Speaker, Networking, Introductions, Shout-Outs, Announcements, Virtual Vendors, Gifts and more! Connect with women around the world who are making a difference. Because you can make a difference as well!

Today, Carlsbad Food Tours is offering a 25% Off discount for any member of the Women’s Wisdom Group that wishes to purchase a gift certificate to Carlsbad Food Tours: valid for purchase April 9th – May 1st.

25% Off Carlsbad Food Tours Gift Certificate

We will be off lock down at some point in time in the near future, hopefully and then it is time to go back to your favorite restaurants and bars to once again enjoy live in San Diego with your friends and family.  Come and experience a party on the move, 3 hour guided food and wine tour with a side of history.  If you can not decide which restaurant you would like to go to.  Then why not sample 8 restaurants in one day with Carlsbad Food Tours.

Cherimarie Poulos

Cheri was born & raised in California. She has lived in San Diego over 20 years, her children were born in the area. She has a strong connection to Carlsbad, in fact one of her daughers was Miss Carlsbad 2005. So she voted herself to be Mrs. Carlsbad. Now the Chief Foodie and Founder of Carlsbad Food Tours! She loves Carlsbad and is happy to share her knowledge about the local history and great eateries in the Carlsbad Village.

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