A Taste of Carlsbad

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We believe the best way to experience Carlsbad Village is through food because food tells the story of a neighborhood’s people, history and culture. Whenever we travel, food tours top our list of favorite things to do!

Carlsbad Food Tours was born out of our love of fine wines and delicious food and traveling. After traveling and experiencing food tours in other cities, we decided to make our way back home to Southern California and bring the world of Food Tours to our community. Carlsbad Food Tours started in North San Diego County in 2014, becoming the first guided culinary and wine walking tour in Carlsbad Village.  We are focused on helping visitors and Carlsbad residents alike enjoy the best “off-the-beaten-path” food and cultural experience possible.

We researched Carlsbad by enjoying the most interesting and delicious foods available in Carlsbad’s most unique eateries. We sampled flavored vinegar and home-made cinnamon rolls, enjoyed decadent chocolate, sipped the most delicious local wines, and enjoyed exotic and local cheeses. We studied the history that makes this So Cal beach community so colorful, creative and vibrant. Finally, we planned our ideal route with the intention of acquainting others with “our” Carlsbad.

We wanted restaurants that served exquisite cuisine with high-quality ingredients for the culinary delights that we could share with our customers.  We also wanted unique one of a kind locations that would give the guest a “Taste of Carlsbad”.

We are dedicated to offering only the finest and freshest foods. We have also taken great care in assembling a team of only the best restaurants, chefs, wine makers. Come and taste the experience for yourself.

Our friendly and passionate Food Ambassadors are proud to share our cultural discoveries and culinary knowledge with you. Let us take you on a journey that introduces you to the best of the best, opening up a whole new world just waiting to be explored! We can’t wait to show you Carlsbad!

Bon appétit!