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10 Reasons To Be Jealous Of Carlsbad

Carlsbad Village

It’s not Carlsbad’s fault that it’s such an incredibly cool place to live. But that doesn’t stop others from being jealous!  To fully understand just how wonderful this slice of paradise truly is, here are 10 reasons why other cities dream about Carlsbad.

1.  Carlsbad’s idyllic setting gives beach lovers easy access to some of the state’s most beautiful stretches of sand and surf.Carlsbad California

2.  Location, location, location, its proximity to Los Angeles to the north and San Diego to the south makes it a popular options for weekenders.

Carlsbad California

3. Carlsbad has the charm of an old European city and the atmosphere of a typical Californian coastal resort community.

Carlsbad Mineral Spa

Carlsbad Mineral Spa

4. It has seven miles of gorgeous sandy beaches and perfect climate, makes it a great place to relax and get your California vibe going on.

Carlsbad California

5.  Carlsbad also has access to locally source fresh fruits and veggies grown right here. Which it make it easy to eat healthy all year round. Avocados are one of the areas specialty crops.

locally sourced fruits

6. It’s is also blessed with miles and miles of oceanfront hiking and lagoon trails.

Batiquitos Lagoon

7. Carlsbad springs to life in March/April with colorful fields of flowers at the Carlsbad Flower Fields Ranch. Carlsbad Flower Fields

8. While the rest of the country is bundled up in snow boots, Carlsbad’s  weather lets us lounge around outside in our flip flops…even in the winter. Occasionally we will wear our Ugg boots just to feel like it is winter.

Carlsbad Lifestyle


9. Carlsbad has many delicious and acclaimed restaurants.  Italian at Cicciotti’s, Mexican at Lola’s and Senor Grubby’s and smoked meats at Park 101. Whatever you may be in the mood for, Carlsbad is sure to have it.  If you can’t decide which restaurant to go to, try Carlsbad Food Tours, you will experience food tasting from 6 local eateries, wine tasting, local history, culture and architecture.

Carlsbad Food Tours

10.  Carlsbad is a great town for walking and shopping.  The village has plenty of speciality boutiques for shopping while you browse that town or you can enjoy our outlet mall with brand names as Kate Spade and Coach, your choice.

Shopping in Carlsbad

So, that is just a few of the many reasons this is a great place to live and play.   No wonder the rest of the world is a bit jealous. For more reasons to fall in love with Carlsbad, California, take a look at our blog Carlsbad Food Tours.

Carlsbad Food Tours

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