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All Paws Lead to Carlsbad


All Paws Lead to Carlsbad is a pet-friendly tourism initiative designed to make travel to Carlsbad, California with your four-legged friends a breeze. We love this new Visit Carlsbad campaign because we also love dogs.  And Carlsbad is a great place to have a dog whether you live here or are visiting our little seaside village, having your dog with you on your adventures make it even more special. Carlsbad is a very dog-friendly town. Most restaurants in Carlsbad allow dogs on their patio’s.  Our dog Gidget goes everywhere with us and yes even to dinner sometimes.  She behaves very well in a restaurant environment, she does not beg at the table, just sits and waits for us to finish our dinner. She is very friendly to say the least, so try not to talk to her too much because she will be your new bestie before you know it. As part of this campaign we are going to add in blog post about Gidget loving Carlsbad, it’s going to be a lot of fun doing photo shoots with our 90 lbs,Bernadoodle.