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Experiences Outshine Things

Things to do in Carlsbad

Give experience. Instead of buying things for presents, consider giving an experience that can be relived in one’s imagination over & over again.   A kind of mental vacation that may evoke happy memories for years to come.  Nostalgia and remembering past times can be a real source of happiness for us. That can last for the rest of your life in your mind, if you let it.

Our family is currently working towards increasing experiences and decreasing the stuff we buy others and ourselves. For example, last Christmas we gave on of our daughters family, seasonal passes to Knott’s Berry Farm.  Why, you may ask? Because our two little granddaughters. Chevelle and Bradlee love Knott’s Berry Farm and all of it’s rides, etc.  And they happen to live close to the park, so it is a great way to keep the kids entertained all year round. Instead of giving them a present that may last five minutes and then be thrown aside, the park pass will be giving them happiness anytime they decide to use it.  This year we are thinking about possibly giving them LEGOLAND passes.  We have taken them and of course they love LEGOLAND as well.  It is a great place to play and explore, especially for young children 3-5 years.

Disneyland tickets are another great idea for Christmas. They are expensive but a very memorable experience indeed. And let’s not forget about SeaWorld and the San Diego Zoo. Most kids love animals whether in the sea or on land, it makes for a fun and exciting experience.

Restaurant gift cards are another great way to give the gift of an experience, as are food tour gift cards. Food tourism is becoming very popular with people who seek out culinary experiences to broaden their horizon, whether it be in conjunction with travelling to a new destination or in your own neighborhood. Taking a food tour is a great way to get to know the town’s history, culture and architecture, while eating your way through it. Food often tells the story of the people living in the area. We live in Carlsbad, North County San Diego, which happens to be close to the Mexican border, so obviously we have some great Mexican restaurants in town.  But did you also know that we have some fabulous Italian restaurants as well and yes there is a story to go along with that population being here. Come on our tour to find out: Carlsbad Food Tours.

Experiences lead to more happy feelings.  In a 2018 poll from the travel site Expedia, 74 percent said they prioritize experiences over products or things. The researchers found that people are happier when they purchase experiences over material objects. Even though people typically spend more time using their purchased possessions, they actually feel more satisfied with their experiences. The problem is that we humans seem to adapt quickly to our environment.  In other words we get use to the things we buy and begin to feel that they were always there, not really new anymore.  So, the newness fades with time.  It is also noted that we don’t tend to compare our experiences with others as we do with our material possessions. Like when you see someone driving a nicer car or has a bigger house then you, feelings of jealousy may occur, we want what they have. But when you hear about an experience that a person went on you will tend to get excited about the adventure and maybe even plan your own trip.  People just don’t like hearing about other people’s possessions but tell me about your experience, now that is more interesting for sure.

Experiences make memories. Experiences can evoke good feelings with every memory that you have about that situation.  Even the experiences that were not so fun at the time, can now make great stories.  In the past I have had several shark encounters, that were not exactly fun at the time but make for great stories now.

Experiences result in less stuff piling up in your house. Overtime our stuff can become a burden in our lives. My mother was a hoarder, so I know about stuff taking over your house.  Stuff not only takes up space in your home but also in your mind.  Too much stuff can make you anxious, especially when you can’t seem to find anything you are looking for.  It can become junk in a matter of  time and now you have to get rid of it.

Experiences increase our connection with people.   Experiences often create a sense of a common purpose, a we are all in it together feeling. Have you ever been on an activity that by the end of the experience, you feel like you now have some new friends.

Experiences increase a person’s ability to stay in the moment.  Being present in the moment or mindfulness can lead to increase happiness.

Buy Experiences, Not Things  It is more exciting to live in anticipation of an experience. Currently we are planning a trip to Scotland next July and I can tell you for certain that I have been living in Scotland in my mind, since the day we booked our trip.  Reading books about Scotland, watching shows, getting all the information I can about the place I am planning on visiting. The experience will be about gathering stories, photographs and memories.

Experience Life “Don’t live every day as if it were your last, live every day as if it were your first” quote by Paulo Coelho. What do you want to experience next?

This post was written by Cherimarie Poulos aka Mrs. Carlsbad is the Owner and Founder of Carlsbad Food Tours.


Woman-Veteran-owned business!

Cherimarie loves showcasing the delicious food, deep-rooted history, and unique culture Carlsbad has to offer!

And guess what?  By taking a tour with us, you’re helping support local Carlsbad businesses and charities.

Let us break bread together!

Food is the ingredient that binds us together. It is the constant that unites all people.  It’s the nourishment of the soul that helps to connect us to our own cultures and beliefs as well as others, bridging gaps in society.

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