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Carlsbad Food Tours Spotlights: Barcelona Eat Local in “Food Tours Around the World”

Barcelona Food Tours is one of the best food tours around the world:

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Carlsbad Food Tours Spotlights: Barcelona Eat Local in “Food Tours Around the World”,  celebrates people that are passionate about food. We do this through an experience of local culture where our customers learn and taste centuries of history about food, get the chance to uncover marvelous modernist architecture beyond the tourist circuit and get to know local restaurateurs.
Praised by The Guardian, our tours are among the best things to do in Barcelona, a city that allow travelers to experience the world renowned Mediterranean diet, a healthy lifestyle, and to uncover offbeat landmarks and stunning modernist architecture.
While our customers enjoy this guaranteed interesting walk, our foodie guides share recommendations and tips about how unknown Barcelona neighborhoods became a foodie´s haven today!

  • Tell us about your city and what made you start a food tour there.  

Barcelona Eat Local was founded by Marina and Andre, both expatriates in Barcelona and deeply obsessive about food.
Andre is an avid cooker and traveler, says Marina, if he comes to visit you and you cooked a traditional dish, he would be watching you like a hawk. And then that dish would be replicated back home, he keeps a world library of recipes, mainly from each country he had lived in or visited.
Marina is your perfect guide at any food market, says Andre. Whatever she picks, it’s always the best. She just has an eye for it!. She was raised with food being an extremely important part of her family’s life in the former Soviet Union and her grandma and aunts taught her how to cook at a very young age, she picked up the sweet stuff.
After eating our way around Barcelona, we felt in love with the deepness and extensiveness of culinary options and somehow found we had developed profound relationships with local restaurateurs and friends who happened to work in the local food industry. And as everyone visits you when you live in such an amazing city as Barcelona, we found ourselves playing the role of a food tour guide. That’s how we started!

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On our food tour we visit two Barcelona historic working class districts: Sant Antoni and El Poblesec which have a unique food scene where trendy and classic cuisine mingle in a laid back atmosphere.
Our clients enjoy 9+ classic yet modern delightful tapas dishes, including cod pastries from the XIII century, the best patatas bravas and crema catalana of Barcelona, as well as a cava master class with the help of a sommelier and unique pairings for each food tasted.

  • What makes your food tour different and unique?

We do work only with family own establishments, and luckily in Barcelona many are in business for generations, one of them for more than 150 years! As well with motivated foodie guides who are proud of this Mediterranean city and committed to a sustainable business.
Barcelona Eat Local Food Tours converge on eateries and specialty stores which use locally sourced ingredients and fresh products, as they simple taste better and represent the most environmentally and nutritionally responsible choice to make while choosing tasty and healthy food.
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