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Giving the Gift of Experiences make for Lasting Memories

Celebrate the holidays with Carlsbad Food Tours

When thinking about gift giving, most people visualize a physical gift wrapped with a bow on top. But there are other more powerful and impactful ways to gift someone you love.  Gift experiences are the perfect way to do just that. Although, experiences may not last as long as the physical gift, they can evoke a lifetime of happy memories to come. When you open a present, you are excited for a moment then put it aside with the other presents.  However, when you create a memory, you have a multitude of layers of excitement.

As we all know, sometimes figuring out what to give someone as a present can be a real challenge. What to get someone that already has everything they want or need? In fact today’s society is drowning in our stuff. Do we really need more clothes or toys? Experiences are both unique and meaningful gifts. That’s why gift experiences are an amazing idea!

Now, when you first start choosing gift experiences instead of material gifts it might seem a little foreign, but when you get use to it, you will never go back. And in the long-term, most people actually end up seeing gift experiences as more valuable in every way!. As Maya Angelou famously stated: “At the end of the day people won’t remember what you said or did, they will remember how you made them feel.” Instead of buying more stuff, give an experience gift, creating a memory that would last longer than any material item.

We started giving experiences a few years ago for mainly the grandkids. We have giving rock band music lessons, swimming lessons, soccer league memberships, Legoland, SeaWorld tickets and Knotts Berry Farm Season Passes.  The grandkids and the parents love gifts that help entertain the little ones throughout the year. But in order to gift a great experience, you need to base them on a person’s likes and dislikes, hobbies, or area or interest.

Do you have any Artist, Music Lovers, Adventures or Cooking Enthusiastic in your family? If so, focus on what they love. Give the gift of a local painting or crafting class to your artist.  Music lovers may enjoy lessons or concerts. Cooking classes are also a great way to share the love of great food and cooking. For your adventurer, give them an adventure of course, a trip to remember that they would love.

Family trips are another great way to share experiences. We are gifting one of my daughters some money towards her trip to Wales, Scotland, Dublin and Paris this next year.  She will be able to enjoy planning for the trip, then experiencing the trip and remembering all the fun and crazy times during the adventure. It will be something she will be talking about for years to come. And her Step Mom & Dad are gifting her miles to use for the airline part of the trip.  It’s so exciting to think about what her face will look like when she receives the gifts. This will be something she will treasure for a lifetime. Don’t tell her about the surprise, it’s a secret.

Family trips are great for bonding.  We remember even negative experiences fondly as a funny story as a uniting factor. My kids still tell stories about the time they went to Yellowstone and Dad got lost or about the time We all went to Belize and went over to the scary island of no people. Trips and experiences make life rich with memories whether they are positive or negative. It is all about living life to its fullest.

Here are a few ideas for gifting local experiences in Carlsbad:

More Great Experiences ideas for kids:

  • Local Pottery Making
  • Rock Climbing
  • Indoor Trampoline Center
  • Bowling or Skate Tickets
  • Geocaching
  • Movie Tickets
  • Craft Bucket
  • Garden Kit
  • Musical Instrument
  • Music Lessons

This post was written by Cherimarie Poulos aka Mrs. Carlsbad is the Owner and Founder of Carlsbad Food Tours.


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