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Hemet High School Culinary Class Field Trip Visit With Carlsbad Food Tours

Recently, Culinary Arts Instructor Tammy Bakewell, at Hemet High School  set up a field trip for her students to join Carlsbad Food Tour on a Private Group Food Tour to experience the historic city of Carlsbad through it’s food.  The students were indulged in tasty bites from various restaurants while they learned about our unique culinary scene. Six tasting locations for savory dishes & desserts.
A wide variety of ethnic foods were introduced to the students including: Mediterranean fusion dishes from Turkey, Italian Cuisine and Gelato, French Crepes, Mexican Taco’s and delicious Donuts. Our tour guides shared with the students the stories about the restaurants, chefs and type of foods they were tastings. While walking the village the students also learned about Carlsbad’s history, culture and architecture. Food Tours are a great way to introduce culinary students an insider view to the restaurant business while eating their way through town. Which is a favorite past time for high school students.  Culinary Teachers know that by putting food in front of a student, it will surely get their attention.
Ms. Bakewell is obviously a great teacher that cares about her students and their future in culinary business.  In fact, she was recently recognized by the non-profit organization, Honored, which has a mission dedicated to keeping great teachers in the classroom.  Read More
We love to see teachers thinking outside the box on new and inventive ways to teach students about a subject and the real world at the same time. Keep up the great work!
Quote from Teacher Bakewell:

“Once you learn to cook, it’s a skill that no one can ever take away from you. It’s the gift that keeps giving.”

Tammy Bakewell

  • Celebrations!
  • Anniversary
  • Birthday
From $75

Offered daily 11:30 am. Celebrate your event with a private food tour! This tour is great for celebrating an Anniversary, Birthday, Family Reunion, Bridal Shower and Bachelorette Party.  Enjoy some of the favorite restaurants in the village.  Wine tasting, pasta, gelato…

  • A Party without the mess and fuss!
  • 20 guest per tour
  • We plan it, you enjoy – customizable to your group upon request.
  • 2 Hour Tour - Compact & Budget Friendly
  • Same Tour with less Food
49 + 20% gratuity per Person

Our mini tour is a shorter version of our Taste of Carlsbad Food Tour, for those that prefer to get to know Carlsbad in a short and sweet manner. It is a  perfect way to relax and enjoy  the company of friends, family or co-workers!  (4 guest minimum requirement)

Duration:  2 Hours with 4 Tasting Locations: 2 savory stops, 1 dessert and 1 wine or beer