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History Of Carlsbad Mineral Water – Alkaline Artesian

Carlsbad Alkaline Mineral Spa

History Of Carlsbad Alkaline Artesian Mineral Water. The alkaline mineral water cured a stomach aliment form which Capt. Fraizer had suffered for years.  Intrigued he sent samples of the water to two independent testing laboratories in New York and Chicago.  The results showed his water was chemically very similar to the healing spring mineral waters found in a famous European spa resort that was at the time called Carlsbad, in Bohemia (Today, the city is Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic, and is still famous for its therapeutic spas). One of California’s real estate booms was happening at the time, and Capt Frazier platted his farm for a city that he called Carlsbad.  He also stared bottling his water and selling it across the nation as (The American) Carlsbad Mineral Water.  He built a huge Victorian hotel beside his original well, and people came from all over the world and included at least two U.S. presidents enjoying the alkaline mineral water for drinking and for bathing, just as they would in the European Carlsbad.  The real estate boom of the 1880’s crashed, but Carlsbad Alkaline mineral water continued to be popular until the Great Depression when the well was abandoned because the owners lacked the funds for maintenance.
The well was lost until it was rediscovered in 1955 by Kay and Chris Christiansen.  The Christiansens wanted to restore the well and revive the mineral water business but for various reason they could not do so.
In 1991 Kay met Ludvik & Veronica Grigoras, who became interested in helping her with her dream.  Ludvik had been born in Karlovy Vary, when it was Czechoslovakia and under Communist rule.  He escaped at the age of 18 to Austria and lived in Germany for two years.  He immigrated to the United States, New York City in 1971.
From 1993 to 1995, Ludvik and his wife Veronica worked at restoring and re-drilling the well.  By this time Ludvik had been instrumental in forging asister-city relationship between his birthplace of Karlovy Vary and Carlsbad, Calif.
In late 1995, the mayor and city council of Carlsbad, along with an official delegation from Karlovy Vary, officiated ath the formal re-opening of the Carlsbad Mineral Water Artesian Well.  In June 1996, famous therapeutic Carlsbad Alkaline Water finally after an absence of 60 years once again became available to the public.

It is located at 2802 Carlsbad Blvd, Carlsbad, CA 92008.
Come and enjoy a tour of Carlsbad Village which includes learning about Carlsbad history and eating some delicious food along the way.