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Kate Late Foodie Blog Reviews Gaia Gelato

What does a Food Blogger do on a sunny Sunday afternoon in Carlsbad?
Get Gelato!
Gaia Gelato!
This event was coordinated by +GOGOBOT (the lovely Tiffany and Becky).
For starters, +Gaia Gelato is located at 300 Carlsbad Village Drive Suite 104.  It is nestled within the Carlsbad Village Faire (not too far from the fountain and Coyote Grill).  It was such a beautiful day, how can anyone be inside?  Well..I mean, I was dreaming of Italian and French pastries, so you’ll have to pardon me.
Inside, Paola had the demonstration table set up at Gaia Gelato
Beautifully, I may add. I was so excited!!!
Okay, when you walk in, you have to sit at the tables with the a awesome chairs.  I found out that the furniture is made by one her of friends back home in Rome.  Do you know how much I want to the chairs on my patio?? Of course I would weather stain it…hello!!
These aren’t like Ikea, but you can assemble them yourself and it’s good wood….not that weird…ikea…stuff.
Okay, so I meet Mary Ang – who happened to be in San Diego for the weekend (she’s from Orange County!!) and we chat about the event.   Did I mention how excited I was?Okay…before I get into this, I want to tell you, really quickly how I stumbled upon Gogobotsd and the two lovely ladies, Tiffany and Becky.
Warrior Elite Krav Maga event in January.  For real.  Actually, I think it was a minor poll…then I RSVP’d for the event.  I had to download the Gogobot app (so glad I did! It’s on iTunes and the Play Store) and submit 5 reviews to attend that event.  It was pretty fun and I think I remember some of the moves!! Just download the Gogobot App and add them @gogobotsd and me too!
I digress….but I wanted to give you some background.  Gogobot, is kind of like Yelp, but I think is WAY better.  I don’t Yelp.  I literally use that for location.  Gogobot, I actually submit reviews. Gogobot doesn’t pay the users to post reviews. These are your reviews of places you have been. It can be good or bad.  I mean an honest review is an honest review. I post simple reviews really.  Places I have been to say, Balboa Park and my experience, my recommendations for who would benefit from the review and voila! It posts and everyone can see!
You even get badges (which is more often than on Yelp!)  Also, the Gogobot Events are more user related.  I mean, how many events can you go to as a Yelp user.  Oh, no VIP….too bad.
At least with Gogobot, as long as I have the minimum amount (this event was 25 and 5 new reviews in the month of April), I get to attend.  Easy Peasy!!
Okay….so, I get to greet Tiffany and Becky (who is traveling next month to every place I want to go to!!) and our event gets started.
Owners of Gaia Gelato:
Paola is so very sweet.  A true Italiana.  She has bright eyes and a very sweet demeanor about her.  She is so welcoming.  Hard work – No problemo (I swear my I thought my Italian was coming back to me!).  So, she tells us about Chef Cristina, who is the Gelato Queen.  Like, she makes the gelato.  So, we move really quick to see Chef Cristina mix the Amaretto gelato.  This Amaretto, mad with none other than Amaretto Di Saronno (the TRUEST Amaretto out there!).  Here is photo!!!

While we wait for the Amaretto gelato form, we are introduced to Afogatto (a favorite for Tiffany!).
Afogatto is expresso cafe with a small dose of any flavored gelato.  For our tasting, Paola made it with Expresso gelato (LOVED that by the way!!).affogatto espresso gelato
Oh My YUMMM! So much, I told  my boss about it at work!
While I was enjoying my afogatto, Cristina and Paola made some warm raspberries with vanilla gelato….
I found video of Paola making the dessert!! The most delicious! The MOST! I am pretty sure I was double fisting tastings at this point!
And then there was tea with lemon sorbet (I think – it was soooo refereshing!!) I feel like it was one of the Tazo tea flavors (but I can’t remember which one!!!!). Well, it was refreshing.  Perfect for a Sunday afternoon!  Quick, sing the verse from Lighter Shade of Brown (oh…I am old!)
Such deliciousness!!
Okay…so about this time the Amaretto is ready….so we go back and watch Cristina collect the gelato.  Gelato (more dairy, less sugar), Sorbetto (no dairy, more sweet).
I didn’t get a good look at Cristina collecting the gelato.
Oh, just kidding!!  I did! And video too, I think! Aha!  awesome sauce!
Okay…after Cristina collected the Amaretto gelato, we went back to our demonstration table to learn what goes in and how to make Sgroppino!!!
This was certainly refreshing and the most delicious!!
The final product:
So very good! Oh my gracious!! There is no way I could taste any of the vodka in that.  Nope, not at all.  New dessert drink effective this weekend!!!
Okay….our final demonstration: Chef Frank Ribaud and what did we get, Hot Molten Chocolate Cake.  I am sure I inserted more works than needed, but you get my drift right?
Okay….I always wondered about the yummy chocolate goo in the center of the lava cake…and NOW I KNOW!!!
I took video of the whole demonstration. Chef Frank has that facile a faire for the lava cake.  I do know now…pssh!! I can make these!
Below is the picture of the chocolate and butter melting on top of a pot of boiling water (ya!  I had no idea either!!).  Apparently, the best way to melt chocolate without burning! Sorry for the blurriness 🙁
Chocolate and butter Melting
Well, I have video, but there is so much background noise I need to fix.
However, here is the printed recipe:
With the microwave melted chocolate and cream mixture (ganache):
Ganache!!!! So it is then poured into the silicon mold and frozen for 15 minutes.
And while the ganache is freezing:
Add the flour to the egg and sugar mixture then whisk in a figure 8, then add melted butter and chocolate and whisk in a figure 8 until mixed.
and then:
Scoop into ramekins slightly covered in non-stick cooking spray. Then place the frozen ganache in the center of the cake mixture in the ramekin. Bake at maybe 350/400 degrees (depends on your oven) for about 12-15 minutes.
Flip onto a plate or bowl when done and garnish however you like. We had the amaretto gelato!
I have always wondered how this was made! Scrumptious!!!
I was in dessert heaven on Sunday.  You have NO Idea!
The day was perfect for this event.  The sun was out, music was playing, guests were watching the demonstrations.  Win Win!!!
Okay, so I can only say: go to Gaia Gelato and try at least the afogatto (if you like expresso!) or some pistachio gelato (which seemed to be the hit among the crowd!). The Gelato is made fresh, daily!  Uhm….yes, you will go by there and have fresh gelato.  Okay okay, you can have sorbetto too!
Oh, I will be making the Hot Molten Chocolate Cake for my wine party next month.  mmhmmm….because red wine and chocolate go together, like birds of a feather….haha!!
I am so glad that was able to make this event.  It was worth some time off of studying and re-energize with friends and some tasty treats!!
Thanks to +GOGOBOT , +Gaia Gelato and Delicious Buzz for this awesome event!!