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Striving For Sustainability In Our Tours

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Day-To-Day Operation Changes

  • We are switching to paperless ticketing and eliminate paper waste! So that, we can check customer tickets on their smartphones.
  • We are planning to eliminate paper handouts and converting to QR Codes
  • Offer advice and provide information on how guests and employees can take advantage of environmentally friendly modes of transportation, like biking, train, and other public transport.
  • Our tours are environmentally friendly walking tours.

On Your Tours & Activities

  • We strive to eliminate single-use plastic waste by asking our customers to bring reusable water bottles.
  • We keep our tour sizes small and staggered as this has a lower impact on local flora and fauna than hundreds of people visiting an area at once.
  • An added benefit – amid ongoing COVID-19 concerns guests favor smaller group sizes for health and safety reasons as well!
  • We clean up customers waste to reduce the impact on restaurants.
  • We share information on thlocal culture and history of your area with your customers. Respect the culture of your destination, acknowledge the impact of tourism in the area, and give your customers the opportunity to connect with locals.

For the Local Economy

  • We contribute to the local economy and support other local businesses by obtaining services from our local vendors.
  • We invest in the area. We encourage our customers to donate to Feeding San Diego in order to help feed and support the local community.
  • We donate to a variety of local charities.
  •  We hire local staff and provide training that contributes to the development of the local workforce. Not only does this boost the local economy, but local guides will also be able to provide unique insights to guests that non-locals do not have.

With Our Marketing Materials

  • Going paperless with our marketing by focusing on digital platforms like social media, email marketing, and PPC advertising.
  • Going digital with our photo offerings, to provide customers with digital photos of their experience.
  • Similarly, we use online channels to educate customers about the local culture and history, any issues they should be sensitive about, and local businesses they should support.

We have taken our first steps toward a more sustainable business, see how easy it is to put small measures in place. We feel great knowing that we have taking steps to preserve, protect, and contribute to your beautiful area!


Welcome Back! It’s time to return! It is time to re-discover North San Diego’s Best Food Tour.

Become a local in 3 hours! You will experience delectable foods from authentic one-of-a-kind specialty food shops, delicious local restaurants and ethnic eateries while receiving an insider’s view into the culture, history, and architecture that defines the Carlsbad Village.


  • Advanced reservation tickets, available online only
  • Mask requirements for our staff and visitors,  except when eating or drinking
  • Social distancing
  • Outdoor Dining
  • Visitor capacity reduced to 20 guest
  • Private Tours available upon request
  • Enhanced cleaning of high-touch surfaces and restrooms throughout the day; hand-sanitizer available


Written by:
Cherimarie Poulos
Owner & Founder of Carlsbad Food Tours

Cheri has a strong connection to Carlsbad. One of her daughter’s was Miss Carlsbad 2005. So, she voted herself to be Mrs. Carlsbad. Now the Chief Foodie & Founder of Carlsbad Food Tours! She loves Carlsbad & is happy to share her knowledge of local history and great eateries.  When she is not horseback riding, she is hanging out in Carlsbad doing food tours.Schedule your tour today:
From $75

Carlsbad Food Tours Private & Custom Group Experiences are the perfect way to get a taste of Carlsbad while enjoying the company of friends, family or co-workers.

We are happy to tailor a unique culinary experience to your group’s needs.

FOOD is the ingredient that bonds us TOGETHER, which makes it a perfect team building activity!

If you’re looking for the EASY button to set up your party, we can do the planning for you!

Visit five-six tasting locations where you’ll sample delicious food, wine, and beer tastings (enough for lunch or dinner). Number of locations will depend on time available for your group. Evening tours often move at a slower pace than daytime tour, allowing the guest to drink and linger a bit more, which is especially good for team bonding and celebrations.

Late afternoon to evening tours (4-7pm) available upon request. (Not available on Fri or Sat evenings)

Customizable to your group needs. Choose your time and day, we do the rest!

Call (760) 215-9433 or email: [email protected] to schedule your private group experience.

Up to 20 guest per tour. Large groups may be split up into 2-3 separate tours.




From $75

Offered daily 11:30 am. Celebrate your event or outing with a private food tour!  Enjoy some of the favorite restaurants in the village.  Wine tasting, pasta, gelato…

  • Let the village be your celebration venue of choice. There are so many great new eateries in our “Village by the Sea”.
  • Carlsbad is becoming quite the international foodie destination.
  • We have great Italian, Mexican, French, Latin and American Nouveau.
  • What is your flavor choice?  Can’t decide, then join us and check out 6 places in one day, find your favorites and return for dinner.
  • If you’re looking for the EASY button to set up your party or team building event, we can do the planning for you.  We plan it, You enjoy, local eateries for unique & delicious food.
  • Most Popular
From $68

Eat like a local! Experience the historic city of Carlsbad through food and wine. Indulge in tasty bites and sips from various restaurants while you learn about our unique culinary scene.

  • Your tour guide helps you to easily navigate the main streets of Carlsbad which house a wonderful concentration of museums, restaurants, and historic landmarks uniquely mixed with shops and art galleries and vibrant street murals.
  • Along the way you discover the diverse history, architecture, and culture in Carlsbad.
  • Stop by the Twin Inns and learn about our secret speakeasy and of course our miracle water.
  • Carlsbad is all about the water we are surrounded by including the lagoons and ocean.
  • Enjoy Carlsbad’s history, culture and architecture while eating your way through the village.