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Visit Southern California – Carlsbad for your next Vacation/Staycation


I love where I live & love sharing my little slice of paradise.
Visit Southern California – Carlsbad and see the things I love about So Cal!  It is a great place for your next vacation/staycation.
Spa-goers have flocked to Carlsbad since its mineral spring was discovered in the late 19th century. Today, you can visit the site of the original well, but you can do much more than just “taking the waters”—Carlsbad’s spas offer world-class services.
Carlsbad is a tourist destination. The city’s has an estimated population just over 113,000.  It is also among the nation’s top 20 wealthiest communities.  Carlsbad is the 5th richest city in the state of California with a median household income close to $105,000.

Pros for staying in Carlsbad include
-Year-round climate
-Attractive neighborhoods

Visit Southern California – Carlsbad, the climate is hard to beat and enables year-round enjoyment of the area’s many outdoor amenities and activities.  Carlsbad has a semi-arid Mediterranean climate and averages 263 sunny days per year. Winters are mild with periodic rain. Frost is rare along the coast, but sometimes occurs in inland valleys in December and January. Summer is almost rain free, but sometimes overcast and cool with fog off the Pacific. While most days have mild and pleasant temperatures, hot dry Santa Ana winds bring high temperatures on a few days each year, mostly in the fall.
Carlsbad’s core industries include information technology, video game development, manufacturing, robotics, medical devices, life science, wireless technology, clean technology, action sports, tourism, and real estate. In 2013, Google named Carlsbad the digital capital of California with the strongest online business community.
Carlsbad is also known as the “Titanium Valley” because of it being the golf manufacturing capital of the world. With Callaway Golf Company, TaylorMade-adidas Golf Company, Cobra Golf, Titleist, and Odyssey Golf all located in Carlsbad. Visit Southern California – Carlsbad and play a round of golf while you are here.

Sister cities

Carlsbad has two sister cities, as designated by Sister Cities International:

  • Japan Futtsu, Chiba, Japan [39]
  • Czech Republic Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic
Visit Southern California – Carlsbad for your next vacay, it offers a variety of cultural attractions, including the annual Carlsbad Village Street Faire, a one-day event that features exhibits, booths, food and live entertainment. The arts are a part of Carlsbad, as is evidenced by the art-related activities and facilities the city has to offer, including the New Village Arts Theater, the Carlsbad Music Festival and the William D. Cannon Art Gallery. More than 20 museums and historic sites are within driving distance of Carlsbad.
So, Where do you want to go for next summer? Visit Southern California – Carlsbad, then decide where you want to be for your next vacation/staycation!