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5 Fun Summer Activities in Carlsbad 2022

5 Fun Summer Activities in Carlsbad 2022

LEGO Water Park


What an exhilarating way for the whole family to cool down on a hot summer day – at LEGO Water Park. Get splashed while floating down the lazy river while hanging out with your giant LEGO friends.

Carlsbad 3-Hour Electric Bike Rental – Pedgo

a motorcycle parked next to a body of water

Peddle along the ocean with the breeze at your back and the beautiful scenery in front of your eyes.

Taste of Carlsbad Food Tour


This Carlsbad village tour features 6 mouth-watering food samplings at unique eateries with insightful historical, architectural and cultural presentations! Enjoy Carlsbad’s specialty foods, including Strawberry Shortcake from The Strawberry Shack. Learn about the history of California wines while sipping some of Socal favorites. The goal is to entice your taste buds and stimulate your mind with the sights, flavors and local flavor of Carlsbad.

TGIF Concerts in the Parks

TGIF Concerts

One of Carlsbad’s most anticipated local events, during the summertime, is the TGIF free concerts in the park. Relax and soak in the vibes

Sup Yoga with Blue Paddle in Carlsbad

a person riding on the back of a boat in a body of water

SUP yoga offers a unique opportunity to practice yoga on the water.


So many fun things to do in Carlsbad during the summer, it’s hard to choose what to do first.

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This newsletter was written by Cherimarie Poulos founder/owner of  Carlsbad Food Tours.

Eat Like a Local!

Carlsbad Food Tours offers a 3 hour guided walking tour, featuring  food and wine tastings from local eateries, while sharing insights into Carlsbad’s art, history and architecture.

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Come experience the world-famous Southern California food culture, through a delectable 6-course plant-based meal from local eateries!

Learn all about the history and culture of North County San Diego, while sipping on local beer, and munching on cultural cuisine in the laid-back beach town of Encinitas.

Known as the birthplace of the California yoga movement, the coastal surf vibes and glamorous celebrity history of Encinitas have led to a world-class plant-based food scene that’s sure to impress vegan and non-vegan guests, with a variety of gourmet sweet and savory eats

Whether you eat a vegan or vegetarian diet or just want to try a new delicious food experience.  Encinitas Vegan has insider tips on where to find the best vegan and veggie eats and unique activities (vegan-friendly cooking classes, anyone?)

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Customizable to your group needs. Choose your time and day, we do the rest! For evening tours, we recommend starting as early as possible 3-4 pm if possible.  If you’re looking for the EASY button to set up your party, we can do the planning for you! Visit six tasting locations where you’ll sample delicious food, wine, and beer tastings. Late afternoon to evening tours available upon request.  Call (760) 215-9433 or email: [email protected] to schedule your private group experience.  Up to 20 guest per tour. Large groups may be split up into 2 separate tours.  Dietary restrictions accommodated, please let us know ahead of time.  Wheelchair accessible and dog friendly.


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From $68

Eat like a local! Experience the historic city of Carlsbad through food and wine. Indulge in tasty bites and sips from various restaurants while you learn about our unique culinary scene.  Your tour guide helps you to easily navigate the main streets of Carlsbad which house a wonderful concentration of museums, restaurants, and historic landmarks uniquely mixed with shops and art galleries and vibrant street murals.  Along the way you discover the diverse history, architecture, and culture in Carlsbad