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Carlsbad Food Tours Private Group Experience & Team Building Event

Carlsbad Food Tours Private Group Experience Tour


Carlsbad Food Tours Private & Custom Group Experiences are the perfect way to get a taste of Carlsbad while enjoying the company of your co-workers. We are happy to tailor a unique culinary experience to your group’s needs.

We are a 3-hour guided walking tour around the village with six stops at unique eateries for food and wine tastings. You learn about Carlsbad’s history, culture and architecture while eating your way through town.


Carlsbad Food Tours Private Group Experience Tour


FOOD is the ingredient that bonds us TOGETHER, which makes it a perfect team building activity!


Breaking bread together creates a relaxed comfortable environment for bonding with your team. Sharing quality time over a meal provides a base to develop friendships and strengthen team bonds.

Afterall what is the purpose of team building if it is not to have fun together, improve communication, increase collaboration, and increase or maintain employee motivation. Food and wine, what is not to love.

As employers and workers are examining how to re-establish a cohesive, in-person work environment offering fun team building options is more important than ever. Team building should allow your employees to share a genuine, meaningful experiences. Bonding with your team members through activity outside of the office creates the opportunity to share quality talking time. Offering a local team building option that not only connects staff with each other but also helps connect to the small businesses that are in their work area is a double win.

Let the village be your corporate event venue of choice with Carlsbad Food Tours. Let us plan your company party or team building event. Join us for a taste of Carlsbad. People love food, drinks and learning about novel local places.

Carlsbad Food Tours Private Group Experience Tour


At Carlsbad Food Tours, we’ve conducted Private Food Tour Experiences for companies of all sizes, from Legoland and The San Diego Zoo to some of our fantastic local companies: Thermo Fisher Scientific,  ViaSat, Lightfoot, Cape Rey and Visit Carlsbad.

Food tours make wonderful team building activities because everybody eats, drinks and chats in a relaxed comfortable environment that allows them to get to know each other better. Each stops allows guest to mix things up a bit, by sitting next to other guest you can learn more about your fellow employees. Whether your company is global or right down the street, food tours are a terrific way to have dinner and party at the same time. It is all about tasty food, learning a bit about the area, and enjoying each other’s company. Carlsbad Food Tours is an all-inclusive tour, where every guest gets something tasty, whatever your dietary restriction may be.


Carlsbad Food Tours Private Group Experience Tour

The Food Tour design will help get your team talking, both during the experience and afterwards. Our friendly local guide offers the ideal balance of knowledge, conversation starters and time for your team to talk among themselves.

Your team will have the chance to relax and unwind together, creating better cohesion and deepening the bonds between team members. Whether you are looking to welcome staff back from remote offices, introduce new hires or launch a new concept, having the time together outside of the office will increase morale and forge friendships.

Our Private Group Experience Food Tours are flexible and customizable to your group’s needs. It does not matter if your group is in the Carlsbad area for a conference meeting or if you are arranging the tour as a break in the day’s agenda, we can make your experience one that your team will remember. Our private tours are available daytime and evenings.

Most everyone loves to talk about food, as well as eat it. Guest like to learn about the independent restaurants and craft brewers, which make Carlsbad home.

Carlsbad Food Tours Private Group Experience Tour


In the words of Priscilla Shin one of our corporate guests, who previously arranged a team outing with Carlsbad Food Tours:

Our office had great fun on this food tour and had six food stops (about half dessert, half savory). But easily the most enjoyable part of the tour was learning about the history of Carlsbad from our tour guide, David. He presented the story in such an engaging and well thought out manner and covered so many interesting dimensions of Carlsbad’s historical uniqueness. In terms of logistics, both David (our tour guide) and Cherimarie (Carlsbad Food Tours contact) were responsive and professional – it was just an exceptional experience all around! Thank you!

#1 of 12 Food & Drink in Carlsbad

5-Star Reviews 181 Reviews – TripAdvisor

Carlsbad Food Tours Private Group Experience Tour


So, if you are looking for a deliciously fun way to connect your staff, consider signing your team up for our private group experience food tour. Customizable to your groups needs. Choose your date and time, we do the rest! Carlsbad Food Tours can accommodate groups from a minimum of eight participants to as large as sixty guests/three groups of twenty each per tour. Book your tour today at or contact us via email: [email protected]   Mobile number: 760 215-9433

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From $68

Come experience the world-famous Southern California food culture, through a delectable meal from six local eateries!

  • Learn all about the history and culture of North County San Diego, while sipping on local beer, and munching on cultural cuisine in the laid-back beach town of Encinitas.
  • Known as the birthplace of the California yoga movement and coastal surf vibes.
  • Join our tour and grab your plate as the laid-back vibe of Encinitas’ surf community rolls into a hand full of the best restaurants in San Diego.





From $68

Give the gift of a great food experience with Carlsbad Food Tours Gift Cards.  Good for all of our tours: Taste of Carlsbad and Private Group Experience Food Tour.

Choosing the perfect present for your loved ones is tricky business, and it’s even more difficult to find something you can be sure they’ll love.

 Try gifting an experience!

Discover why they make for the best presents!






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From $68

Eat like a local! Experience the historic city of Carlsbad through food and wine. Indulge in tasty bites and sips from various restaurants while you learn about our unique culinary scene. Six tasting locations for savory dishes, wine, beer & desserts.

  • Your tour guide helps you to easily navigate the downtown streets of Carlsbad which house a wonderful concentration of museums, restaurants, and historic landmarks uniquely mixed with shops and art galleries and vibrant street murals.
  • Along the way you discover the diverse history, architecture, and culture in our seaside village.
  • Eat Like a Local and learn about Carlsbad while eating your way through town.
  • Corporate Team Building Tour
  • Carlsbad Trivia
From $75

FOOD is the ingredient that bonds us TOGETHER, which makes it a perfect team building activity!

If you’re looking for the EASY button to set up your party, we can do the planning for you!

Visit six tasting locations where you’ll sample delicious food, wine, and beer tastings.

Customizable to your group needs. Choose your time and day, we do the rest!

We can accomodate large groups of 20+ guests

Call (760) 215-9433 or email: [email protected] to schedule your private group experience.






  • Celebrations!
  • Anniversary
  • Birthday
  • Bridal Shower or Bachelorette Party
From $75

Offered daily 11:30 am. Celebrate your event with a private food tour! This tour is great for celebrating an Anniversary, Birthday, Family Reunion, Bridal Shower and Bachelorette Party.  Enjoy some of the favorite restaurants in the village.  Wine tasting, pasta, gelato…

  • A Party without the mess and fuss!
  • 20 guest per tour
  • We plan it, you enjoy
  • The date & time can be customizable to your group upon request.
  • Complete request form below or call (760) 215-9433 or email: [email protected]