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Eat Like A Local – Carlsbad Food Tours

Carlsbad Food Tours

 Eat Like A Local – Carlsbad Food Tours
Eat Like A Local – Carlsbad Food Tours offer a locals perspective to our unique village know as “The Village by the Sea,” located in North County San Diego. Come & experience Carlsbad; one of Southern California’s premier destination, with it’s coastal splendor, laid-back, SoCal vibe, seaside resorts, old world charms and culinary jewels. Taste delicious authentic locally sourced foods of Carlsbad – that is how you eat like a local. Experience Carlsbad with it’s coastal splendor, seaside resorts, old world charms and culinary jewels.
Enjoy 8 food tastings and wine while you learn about Carlsbad’s local history. Eat Like A Local – Carlsbad Food Tours and book your tour today!
Our goal is to provide both a fun and fulfilling experience as we walk (and eat) our way through Carlsbad’s most scenic and historic neighborhoods. This is an experiential event you will not soon forget!
Expect to be with us about three hours as you learn about the origins of Carlsbad, to what we see today.  Throughout the tour, you’ll sample unique local favorites from neighborhood restaurants, cafes, and specialty food stores.

Unique and Specially-Selected Food Tastings – When visiting
An expert guide helps you to easily navigate as you discover the diverse history, architecture and culture of downtown Carlsbad Village. Stroll through the main streets of Carlsbad which house a wonderful concentration of museums, restaurants and historic landmarks uniquely mixed with shops and art galleries and vibrant street murals. You’ll walk down Grand Ave to Carlsbad Blvd and enjoy the majesty of the Twin Inns and the Carlsbad Mineral Spa historic landmarks.
Our guided Gourmet Food Tour visits 8 food tasting locations within the quaint village of Carlsbad. The food samplings on this tour are sure to stimulate your salivary glands, and satisfy your appetite for a satisfying lunch that is chock-full of variety. Each tasting is served from locally-owned and operated specialty food stores and ethnic or locavore-style eateries.

Stops include one of Carlsbad’s most romantic restaurant, tasty deserts from local eateries that have been made from recipes past on from generation to generation. Award-winning wines that are grown in California, will be a delight for your taste buds. California wines are some of the best wines in the world.  Enjoy wine tasting at one of Carlsbad’s Urban Wineries. Your Carlsbad tour will last about three hours and provides delicious tastings that are an adequate lunch for most. All food and tastings are included in the ticket price of $59.
Included in the guided walking tour is also our popular Tasting Guide, which features valuable maps, exclusive guest coupons and discounts.
Cultural, Historic and Architectural Experiences – Between the great tastings, you’ll stroll as locals do: through hidden passageways, exploring less-crowded side streets and discovering where to enjoy the freshest food and best wine. Recommendations for meals and lodging, architectural jewels, gorgeous displays of local flora and fauna, and places whose history make Carlsbad what it is.

Get off the beaten path, and lose yourself in the passageways and history of Carlsbad Village culinary treasures! And remember Eat Like A Local – Carlsbad Food Tours!!


Eat Like A Local - Carlsbad Food Tours