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Succulent Cafe in Carlsbad

Succulent Cafe in Carlsbad is a great new addition to our neighborhood.  Beautiful succulents everywhere, the use of natural style wood furniture enhances the serene environment. Get away from it all at Succulent Cafe. Next season, Succulent Cafe may be one of our new tasting locations on Carlsbad Food Tours. Stunning succulent arrangements seem to pour right out of the rain gutters.  Succulent Cafe also has a great the selection of coffee, teas and tasty tidbits.
Visit their succulent shop next door, then you can snatch up some of the plants and take a little piece of this heaven home. It’s a zen peaceful area at the end of a street, wander through the gate that welcomes you to have a succulent day. Drive through Carlsbad Village, heading south down State Street, until you reach the very end —that’s where you’ll find an enchanted garden café, which doubles as a secret hiding spot for fairies. Although this quaint and enchanting space practically oozes pixie dust, it’s better known for it’s succulents and coffee. Love, love and love succulents everywhere.
Carlsbad needs more businesses like these creating exceptional experiences and truly capturing the Carlsbad laid back attitude. Come and relax near the waterfall or sit by the fire pits with a nice glass of wine. Enjoy

Much bigger than the smaller, yet just as charming Oceanside location, the newly opened Carlsbad Succulent Cafe features a large outdoor patio that is surrounded by walls made of plants, rustic woods and quotes that read “Live, Love, Laugh and Dream.” Wine barrels, artsy decor and gorgeous live-edge wooden tables adorn the café along with a pretty waterfall that greets you as you walk in under a sign that says, “Have a succulent day.”
There’s a gift shop adjacent to the café, so there’s plenty of site to see as you sip a pour-over, nosh on a delicious danish or shop for greenery. There are literally thousands of succulents to choose from. There are many variations which come in plant-it-yourself containers or decorative pots, ranging in size from tiny to knee high. They come in many shades of green, mostly, but there’s a few shades of purples, yellows and pinks too. You can buy one, buy an entire arrangement or even adorable premade planters.The menu is that of a typical coffee shop with lattes, espresso, flat-whites and what not, however, it’s deliciously brewed Stumptown Coffee is a can’t miss. Fresh baked pastries, breads and croissants brought in daily.
Even if you lack a green thumb or you don’t like coffee, head here to do some work on your laptop or have a cup of tea or cocoa. This spot is very serene and relaxing, come and experience a namaste moment for yourself.