But how does Google determine which city should be the digital capital?

Working with the independent research firm, IPSOS, Google analyzes the online strength of local businesses around America to determine the leading cities in the digital economy. The winning cities exhibited strong engagement and potential growth through the use of blogs, social networks and websites. To see the full methodology, visit the IPSOS website here.

With 97 percent of Internet users searching for products and services online, as well as the growing entrepreneurial spirit, Scott Levitan, Google’s director of small-business engagement, was proud to recognize cities like Carlsbad as leaders of innovation and technology.

According to a news update from the city of Carlsbad, at the State of the City Luncheon, Carlsbad Mayor Matt Hall said, “We are honored to be recognized as an eCity by Google. It just goes to show that medium sized cities like Carlsbad can lead the way in innovation and technology just like more well known award recipients like New York, Atlanta and Austin. We have created a climate in Carlsbad that embraces technology, creates jobs and helps foster a strong economy.” Exactly why we moved to Carlsbad years ago.

“This award is [a] testament to the entrepreneurial spirit of our small and mid-sized businesses,” says Ted Owen, president and CEO of the Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce, and we couldn’t agree more.
As a digital agency, we’re proud to be located in the hub of our state’s digital economy. Next year, we hope to help more local business owners navigate the digital space through killer websites and online content and help Carlsbad maintain its title as digital capital of California.
We’ve got a little something planned for all you local Carlsbad marketers, but we’re not ready to reveal just yet, so keep an eye out!