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Make It Gelato Day! A Hands-on Experience of Making Authentic Italian Gelato


Our Make It Gelato Day is a hands-on experience of making authentic Italian gelato.  Our classes are specifically designed for beginners who want to learn how to handcraft the true, artisanal gelato.

You will take home a pint of your freshly homemade gelato.

What to Expect:

Join us for a gelato making experience at Gelato Love in Carlsbad.
We are an authentic Artisan Gelato Lab where you can learn how gelato is made with local fresh ingredients.
Our class are hands-on experiences where you’ll make sorbet and gelato from scratch, together with the professionals.
You’ll be guided through a tantalizing tasting experience and you’ll discover how authenic gelato is made and decorated.
Learn how to craft refreshing sorbet drinks.
Take home a pint of your freshly homemade gelato.
Space is limited, book your spot now!
You will learn to craft authentic gelato that is healthier, easier to digest, nutritious, well-balanced.

Artisan gelato’s richer taste and more luxurious texture belies the fact that it’s a healthier option compared to regular ice cream.
Here are some fun facts to think about when choosing between gelato and ice cream.
Authentic Gelato contains on average half the calories of regular ice cream.
Ice cream also contains up to 60% more air than gelato does, which makes it denser than ice cream and there for richerr in smaller doses and more satisfying.
Ice cream is also served at between 0 and 10 degrees Fahrenheit; whereas gelato is served at between 7 and 15 degrees
Fahrenheit, which makes it warmer & creamier to the taste.

To get more information about the next gelato making class visit Gelato Love