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Carlsbad Food Tours 5 Star Reviews

Things to do in Carlsbad

Fun Food Tour

Jun 2023 • Family
This was a great tour! We learned so much about Carlsbad while sampling delicious food. Ben was so accommodating to our dietary choices. My favorite foods were the Mediterranean and strawberry shortcake. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this tour.

Fantastic food and wine tour

May 2023 • Friends
My best girlfriend and I elected to go on this tour. We have know each other for 63 years. We had not been on a food tour before and we didn’t know what to expect. We enjoyed ourselves immensely. The Donut shop, Good Eats was amazing! I don’t even like donuts and they were one of a kind donuts & pastries. We tried Italian food which was so fresh and tasty and the Limoncello was homemade and wonderful. We tried Mexican food, Senior Gruby’s which was good but not a highlight of the tour. The strawberry shortcake at the shop that specializes in strawberry shortcake was delicious. I am not even a dessert eater and I admit it was great. The winery we went to was a nice shop but we didn’t really care for the wine that we sampled. I guess we are wine snobs! Our tour was given by David. David was amazing! David is also somewhat of a history buff for this area so we learned so many things about the town of Carlsbad, the historic buildings, history of the area, and Carlsbad alkaline water from a historic site. We bought a case of the water as it was so delicious and refreshing. We also had Gelato at a shop that makes it fresh and creative every day. Flavors we never tried before. David also mentioned other restaurants that we might want to try in the future. I 100% think this tour was worth it but that is if you happen to get David as I don’t know anyone else who directs these tours. 🙂 I had a great video of the bakery products but I couldn’t get it to load. ;(

Great food with a great tour guide

May 2023
I loved the variety of food and drinks and especially enjoyed the skillful guidance from Ben.
We visited six restaurants around the Carlsbad Village area, some were savory and others were sweet.
Ben was a delight with his friendliness and wealth of information about the city and its history.

Great Tour!

May 2023 • Couples
All tours are only as good as the tour guide. Our tour guide was Ben who was awesome so he made it great. The places we visited were great but I won’t spoil it and tell you where. Good Carlsbad information as well.