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Domestic Violence Awareness Month

As you may know, domestic violence increased significantly during the pandemic and victims had even fewer resources to turn to while being confined in their homes. The increased isolation continues to make it harder for victims to reach out for help, leaving many in unhealthy environments. For DV Awareness Month, we want to help provide assistance to those who may be struggling with these silent battles, alone.

That’s why we are sharing a safety guide that highlights the increased vulnerability for victims and how to support these populations. You can check it out below:

Victims and Survivors Guide to Domestic Violence During the Pandemic

This guide includes:

  • Recognizing Red Flags and Barriers in Abusive Relationships
  • Tips on Emergency Planning and Tech Safety for Victims Fleeing
  • Support Services for Housing, Immigration, and Financial Independence

For more information on financial abuse and financial literacy check out the following articles:


Financial-literacy for women

Domestic Violence Resources in Carlsbad California:

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Women’s Shelters Carlsbad

Kathy’s Legacy

Community Resource Center Encinitas

Support Groups in Carlsbad

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