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Plant-Based Food Coach Ben Mastracco

Ben Mastracco

Ben’s journey with food started at a young age.  His mom was a recipe developer and food stylist for over 30 years, and it was working in the kitchen with her where he fell in love with food.

Following some major injuries in high school,  Ben became very curious about health and wellness, and earned a bachelors degree in Nutrition and Food Science in 2011. After completing college, he worked as a food scientist at a processed food company for 6 years.  Ben has also won a number of awards as a recipe developer, assisted at a culinary school, led restaurant tours, and have eaten his way through the city of San Francisco.  Ben is also currently leading restaurant tours in Carlsbad, California with Carlsbad Food Tours, so he is eating his way through San Diego as well.

Virtual Plant Based Cooking Class Video

Services offered include:

Plant Based Food Coach Ben Mastracco












Private and Group Coaching

Suffering with a chronic health issue and looking for relief?

Meal Plans

Struggling with consistency when it comes to eating healthy? Meal planning is the best way to keep on track.

Custom Recipes

Have a health issue and need to learn new recipes that fit within your doctors orders? I’ll create custom recipes for you and your family, based on your specific dietary needs.

Cooking Classes

Live cooking classes available in the San Diego area, and virtual classes available worldwide!

Corporate Team Building

A healthy cooking class is the perfect way to bring your team together, have some fun, and show your employees that you care

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a woman holding a plate of food









This article was written by Cherimarie Poulos founder/owner of  Carlsbad Food Tours.  Eat Like a Local!








We offer a 3 hour guided walking tour of the village featuring tastings from local eateries, and insights into Carlsbad’s art, history and architecture.




  • Most Popular
From $68

Eat like a local! Experience the historic city of Carlsbad through food and wine. Indulge in tasty bites and sips from various restaurants while you learn about our unique culinary scene. Six tasting locations for savory dishes, wine, beer & desserts.

  • Your tour guide helps you to easily navigate the downtown streets of Carlsbad which house a wonderful concentration of museums, restaurants, and historic landmarks uniquely mixed with shops and art galleries and vibrant street murals.
  • Along the way you discover the diverse history, architecture, and culture in our seaside village.
  • Eat Like a Local and learn about Carlsbad while eating your way through town.
  • Celebrations!
  • Anniversary
  • Birthday
From $75

Offered daily 11:30 am. Celebrate your event with a private food tour! This tour is great for celebrating an Anniversary, Birthday, Family Reunion, Bridal Shower and Bachelorette Party.  Enjoy some of the favorite restaurants in the village.  Wine tasting, pasta, gelato…

  • A Party without the mess and fuss!
  • 20 guest per tour
  • We plan it, you enjoy
  • The date & time can be customizable to your group upon request.
  • Complete request form below or call (760) 215-9433 or email: [email protected]