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Queens Food Tour and Troy Food Tours some of New York’s Finest Food

Queens Food Tour and Troy Food Tours some of New York’s Finest Food. You’ve heard of culinary tourism experiencing places through to their gastronomic offerings. Walking tours allow food lovers to explore what the restaurant scene has to offer. Taste a specially-selected variety of foods and wine from local restaurants and boutique shops, and become acquainted with the unique history and culture of their magical city.

Food Tour Spotlight will feature a different Food Tour in each newsletter.  Today we are going to tell you about two of our favorite food tours in New York: Queens Food Tour and Troy Food Tours

Queens Food Tour serves up local history with local delights. Treat your taste buds as you eat your way through one of Queens most historic and vibrant neighborhoods with the Flavors of Long Island City Food Tour. Explore its industrial past, learn about its artistic present, and witness its vibrant future while savoring its unique culinary treats.
The brainchild of two Queens natives, Richard Mumith, a public-relations specialist and co-founder of the tour with friend Sergey Kadinsky, a licensed tour guide who heads the walk.  Local Find: Queens Food Tours” gives participants a chance to sample six of Long Island City’s most unique restaurants during a mile-and-a-half stroll that also offers a slice of the neighborhood’s in Queens which are often overlooked for those in Manhattan and Brooklyn”.
Taste of Troy Food Tours – Easternmost city in New York’s Capital District
1. Tell us about yourself and your food tour
Amy Koren-Roth, Founder and Forever Foodie, Taste of Troy Food Tours LLC, a Women-Owned Business
Inaugural Tour: May 2016
Taste of Troy Food Tours’ Central Troy Historic District Food Tour has been simmering in Amy’s mind since 2013, as retirement from public health looms nearer. She is a registered dietitian/nutritionist, who has worked in public health for 26+ years. Amy has spent time in 31 countries and lived overseas for 6 years. While overseas, she cooked for a community of 50-150 people and ultimately ran the kitchen. When she returned to the States, she earned a master’s in community nutrition. Amy has lived in the Capital Region of New York for more than 22 years.