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The Charles Kenneth Speakeasy

Carlsbad Speakeasy
The Speakeasy was named after Captain Charles Kenneth Ruiz Grandfather of Chef Rob Ruiz: 
As we opened The Land & Water Company, we knew we had to share the original, prohibition era, bar with our guests.  This Bar, hidden from the public, and not a concept, but a historical space of provenance. It is original, classic and timeless.
My Grandfather, Charles Kenneth Ruiz, was trained as an astronaut, the 7th man in the world to break the sound barrier, Naval Aviator, Aircraft carrier Captain, three war veteran, with a Masters degree from Harvard in international finance. He helped raise me, and taught me to fish, and love the sea.  He was the highest decorated Naval officer in the United States, when he passed away at 93, just after the restaurant opened.  He was a loving man, a true gentleman who helped shape the fate of a Nation.  It became obvious that the name of this special place should honor him. The man who lead me to its creation.  The Charles Kenneth.

The Charles Kenneth ~ Rob Ruiz Audio

The Charles Kenneth Speakeasy Carlsbad
Passwords to enter The Charles Kenneth can be found in our Instagram posts.
Check back soon.
The Charles Kenneth Speakeasy Carlsbad Instagram

Please check back for updates coming soon! Thank you from all of us @thecaptaincharleskenneth

How To Get In:

The entrance is located around the corner from The Land and Water Company on the southeast side of the building.
Passwords to enter can be found here via our homepage (scroll until you see the Instagram stream that includes daily passwords) OR follow us on Instagram and Facebook @TheCaptainCharlesKenneth ~ Passwords will be directed towards our hosts at the door upon your arrival in order to enter.
Our cocktails are served to a select number of guests in an intimate setting and space is limited. We do not take reservations, so we recommend calling ahead for up-to-the-minute information about our wait list (phone number is listed at the top of our website). Your name can be added to the wait list in person or over the phone and we will contact you when space becomes available.
Please keep your parties to a maximum of 6 and we do not keep a line, so please arrive within 15 minutes of contact and please bear in mind our dress code.
It should also be noted that guests of The Land and Water Company will be given priority on our list, so if you plan on dining before imbibing, please inquire with your server at the start of your meal.
Please feel free and encouraged to call or text any questions and we will respond as timely as possible.

Dress code: enforced on weekends only!

No baseball caps
No men’s tank tops
No sandals
No shorts
It is always appropriate to look your best, there are no second chances at first impressions!

Sunday & Monday Closed
Tuesday through Thursday ~ 6pm to 12am
Friday & Saturday ~ 6pm to 2am
The Charles Kenneth Speakeasy is located at:

The Land & Water Company
2978 Carlsbad Boulevard, #110
Carlsbad, CA 92008

But keep it a secret, ok!