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Taste The Bahamas Food Festival

Taste The Bahamas Food Festival recognizes, showcases, and promotes people, companies, and products, that are bringing a renaissance to the world of food and beverage.
Taste will set a family friendly stage to showcase the best in local culinary talent, the best beers, wines & rums on the Island. Moreover, it will be a medium through which many players within food and beverage, whether directly or indirectly, will have another platform to meet and continue to play an integral role in the creation of our Bahamian food culture.
Taste The Bahamas Food Festival gets it: burgers may not be the first food item that comes to mind when contemplating Bahamian cuisine. However, you might be surprised (and hopefully pleased) to learn that Nassau does have a number of tested options available- delicious enough to satisfy the burger enthusiast when the craving hits. These well-researched (someone had to do the work!) burgers, both unconventional and classic varieties alike, will likely be among some of the tastiest to thrill your tastebuds in a while, so get ready to unleash your inner bun and patty connoisseur.
As for which local spot contends for the title of best Nassau burger? We’ll let you be the judge of that… but sampling all of the options first would definitely be our recommendation!

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