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Where to Savor the Best Panoramic Views, Cuisine, and Drinks Along Lisbon’s Waterways


Located on the Southern European Atlantic coast, Portugal’s capital and largest city Lisbon is an aesthetically lovely city on the Atlantic coast with amazing year-round weather. This historic center of culture and activity is a great destination for tourist families, backpackers, and other kinds of travelers. Among the biggest attractions of Lisbon are its captivating beaches. Whether you are heading west to Cascais, north to Sintra, or south to the Caparica, Arrábida, and Sesimbra coasts, Lisbon has lovely beaches for all kinds of water activities such as swimming, surfing, boat/yacht cruising, and more.

In addition to the scenic Atlantic Ocean, Lisbon is also home to the Tagus River, which runs through the city. The bars and restaurants, and other vantage points along the Tagus enhance its status as one of Lisbon’s most important natural resources.

Waterfront Bars and Restaurants in Lisbon With Panoramic Views and a Great Menu

Lisbon boasts several bars you can enjoy after work or as a tourist. If you are looking for panoramic views, great food and drinks, and the ultimate waterfront experience, either alone, with your partner, family members, friends, or colleagues, there are many options available. Here are a few of them:

Darwin’s Café

Named after Charles Darwin (1809-1882), the eminent British scientist and pioneer evolution theorist, Darwin’s Café is a lovely bar and restaurant in an area where the Tagus River meets the Atlantic Ocean. It is located slightly further from the hustle and bustle of the center of Belem and is just a short walk across the riverfront. Darwin’s offers decent seafood in light, airy rooms with high ceilings and great decoration based on Darwin’s evolution theory. There are beautiful seats on the terrace, viewing the water. The ambiance is amazing, and those seated outside enjoy a magnificent view over the river, Belem Tower, and other landmarks.

They have an extensive menu of Portuguese dishes, especially seafood. Their Octopus with sweet potato mash is sublime. Scallops on toast are also tasty. The Portuguese sauvignon blank is exquisite, and their risotto is one of the best you’ll ever have. The codfish is particularly delicious and served alongside a delicacy known as “bacalhau à Brás.”

The outstanding staff makes every meal a pleasure. This nice restaurant at the magical and famous Champalimaud Foundation is simply one of the best around. Unique décor, lovely views, and very good food. Excellent for a business dinner and superb on every level.

Docas de Santo Amaro

These are a group of warehouses of the Port of Lisbon that were converted into a major leisure and dining center. The Docas de Santo Amaro area parades a variety of restaurants with outdoor facilities and a lovely view of the marina and 25 de Abril Bridge (a look-alike of the San Francisco bridge).

The Doca de Santo restaurant was the first restaurant to commence operations in Doca de Santo Amaro (in 1996). This aesthetic delight by the Tagus River boasts an inviting terrace and an all-hour menu. It is part of Grupo Capricciosa and was refurbished in 2018. It is an excellent destination for large groups, be it for lunch, dinner, or even cocktails. Doca de Santo has three rooms with a capacity of hosting between 220 and 250 people. The Doca Room with a terrace has about 150 seats. The Fireplace Room, with a deck, has 50 seats. There is also a mezzanine with 20 seats.

All the bars and restaurants in Docas de Santo Amaro are nice places to visit for tourists or residents looking for fresh seafood restaurants and an afternoon walk. The view of the boats and fish in the docks, the bridge, and the Christo rei statue is simply astonishing, and one can take a walk towards other landmarks nearby. The vicinity includes a transportation museum and a train station from which you can cross the bridge by train. At night, it is lively and full of fun, with people from various parts of the world enjoying the clubs and bars. It can be crowded and can be a bit crazy on weekend evenings, though. In all, the Docas de Santo Amaro is a great destination to visit in Lisbon at any time of the year.

Ponto Final

Ponto Final can be the highlight of your tour to Lisbon! It’s located on the south section of River Tagus. The views alone are a strong motivation for a trip to this exquisite facility but the food is also incredible, especially the fresh, delicious seafood. Their prawns and spicy shrimps are particularly very tasty. The sea bass and rice and beans will make for a great lunch. Wash down your food with lots of wine and beer. The view is spectacular at sunset. The local ambiance Ponte Final exudes is an ideal complement to the wonderful river and city views, making it a must-visit.

SUD Lisboa

This Rooftop bar/restaurant provides one of the best dining and wining experiences in Lisbon. The moment you walk in, you immediately fall in love with the ambiance. Huge open spaces, see-through separators, and windows all around the restaurant allow guests to enjoy a 180-degree view of the Tagus River and the 25th de Abril Bridge. Amazing interior, lights, and atmosphere, as well as stunning views. The art and architecture offer a good base for the food and a view of the Tagus River.

The service is impeccable; the waiters speak perfect English. The space is very cozy, and the food well-served and tasty. The good wine list, internet service, and live music from Catarina Clau and others. They have a separate smoking section- a plus! The menu is easy to navigate and includes vegetarian options. Enjoy the seafood, risotto, and cod, before finishing with a cheese course! The wines from the Douro Valley will not disappoint.

You can also have more drinks at the upstairs bar by the pool. The view from upstairs is even more breathtaking, with the infinity pool on one side and the Tagus River Bridge on the other. In a nutshell, SUD Lisboa is a gem in fine dining. Very few restaurants in Lisbon serve the kind of food available here.

Amarra Ó Tejo

The spectacular views from Amarra Ó Tejo situated on an elevated position on the south bank of the River Tagus make any effort to reach this fantastic culinary retreat well worth it. Every table presents a stunning panorama of the entire river, with the Portuguese capital providing a glorious background. The city’s magnificent suspension bridge is also a lovely sight and at dusk, the scenario’s wow factor is better seen than described.

The food is exceptional. From the initial cocktails to the desserts, everything (whether pork fillet or Cheesecake) is tasty and beautiful. High-quality European cuisine with a Portuguese touch. Splendid wines served at the perfect temperature. Very attentive, pleasant, and friendly service.

The elevated views from the tables positioned closer to the windows ensure that Amarra Ó Tejo provides guests with the widest panoramic view of Lisbon, more than any restaurant in the area. If you wish for a romantic outing with a date or partner, this gorgeous arena will be difficult to beat.

Places to Chill and Experience Coastal Culture in Lisbon

Lisbon’s vast coastline is an important aspect of its vibrant culture. Just west of Lisbon lies a picturesque coastal area with stunning natural scenery, lovely beaches, and lots of recreational locations, all of which showcase Lisbon’s rich culture in one way or the other. The Estoril coast (sometimes known as Costa de Lisboa or Lisbon coast) is located to the north of the river Tagus (and to the west of Lisbon), while the Costa Azul (or Blue Coast) is located to the south of the river.

On the Estoril coast, the main places to chill and explore Lisbon’s rich cultural heritage include Estoril, a resort town whom the coast is named after; Cascais, a beautiful village that used to be a prominent fishing center; Carcavelos, a seaside town, and popular surfing destination; and the mountainous town of Sintra, the first center of European Romantic architecture.

The Lisbon coast begins in Carcavelos and extends to Guincho Beach, about 3 miles (5 kilometers) from Cascais. The area is packed with lovely sandy beaches ideal for surfing and other water sports activities. It is also home to fascinating historic monuments as well as resort, and outdoor activities suitable for every taste. For instance, if you are a golf enthusiast, you’ll find the Estoril coast an attractive destination since it boasts several world-class golf courses (some of the best in Europe), all of which have their own distinct features.

That is not all, Estoril also has one of the largest and most beautiful casinos in Europe, a Formula One Grand Prix race track, and the fantastic sandy beach of Tamariz. Little wonder Estoril has attracted rich and famous people since its early days.

Estoril and Cascais are connected by a lovely beachfront promenade. The latter town boasts the Cascais Marina and has been the venue of world-class sailing competitions. Another notable feature is the interesting food and non-food markets on Wednesdays and Saturdays. There are also many annual cultural events (concerts, exhibitions, shows, etc) at the Cascais Cultural Centre. Close to Cascais is the earlier-mentioned Guincho Beach, a surfer’s paradise that has previously hosted global surfing competitions.

Sintra is the first European site to be proclaimed a Cultural Landscape by UNESCO (in 1995). It covers about 960 hectares and is an integral part of the Sintra-Cascais Natural Park. The aesthetically pleasant Sintra Mountains can be found within the park. About 9 miles (15 kilometers) west of Sintra is Cabo da Roca, the most westerly point of Continental Europe – a wild and windy environment that has been described as where “the land ends and the sea begins.”

Like the Estoril coast, the Costa Azul coast (to the former’s south) is also an amazing region ideal for water sports, fishing, and hunting, thanks to its lovely beaches, scenic mountains, astonishing natural vegetation, and rich animal life. The coast includes Sesimbra, a small picturesque fishing village that has been playing host to a rising number of tourists and weekenders from Lisbon, primarily because of its location at the foot of the hills of Arrabida and inside a beautiful bay. Visitors to Sesimbra will miss out on a nourishing delicacy if they do not try out the seafood available in local restaurants.

Near Sesimbra is the imposing lagoon Lagoa de Albufeira, which is separated from the sea by sandbars and is both a freshwater and saltwater lagoon (depending on the tides). Costa Azul has a couple of important natural reserves with unique ecosystems that nature lovers will find fascinating: The Arrabida Natural Park, an impressive protected area characterized by rich Mediterranean vegetation and several rare species, and the Natural Reserve of Sado Estuary, a sprawling estuary with a rich diversity of animal life. Boasting a variety of magnificent courses, Costa Azul is also a splendid destination for playing golf.

Experience the Coastal Culture of Lisbon

Lisbon is a beautiful city with a culturally rich coastline that offers many thrilling experiences for both tourists and locals. It has been a top destination and home for rich and famous people for ages. If you love hanging out in bars and restaurants with breathtaking panoramic waterfront views, varieties of tasty local and international cuisine, and high-quality drinks, then Lisbon is one destination you should seriously consider.