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food tastings

Where to Savor the Best Panoramic Views, Cuisine, and Drinks Along Lisbon’s Waterways

Located on the Southern European Atlantic coast, Portugal’s capital and largest city Lisbon is an aesthetically lovely city on the Atlantic coast with amazing year-round weather. This historic center of culture and activity is a great destination for tourist families, backpackers, and other kinds of travelers. Among the biggest attractions of Lisbon are its captivating…

The Best Culinary Experiences in Carlsbad, CA

The city of Carlsbad is home to just over 110,000 people and covers just under 40 square miles, a fraction of the size of nearby San Diego. But inside its relatively compact borders you’ll find a host of great experiences for all ages and preferences, including some of the best restaurants and food experiences in all of California. If you find yourself in the city and are looking for some new culinary adventures, take a look at these options: Carlsbad Village Food and Walking Tour A walking tour is the best way to sample the sights, sounds, history, and culture of a town. Inject some delicious and local fare into the mix and you have the perfect tour! That’s what the Carlsbad Village Food/Walking Tour offers. It’s a three-hour trek that takes you through the town’s best eateries and lets…

Carlsbad Food and Wine Tasting Tours, You Can Book Right Now

Photo by Caroline Attwood on Unsplash People love food and drinks. Each one of us spends most of our time thinking about the food we want to eat at the same time the drinks that could quench our thirst. Every day, we look for several options with regards to the kind of food we eat….