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Best Places To Eat While Traveling

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Best Places to Eat while Traveling
When you’re traveling away from home, where you eat will depend on your destination. Indeed this is really one of the wonderful things about traveling in the first place! Cities and countries around the world are known for different cuisines and in some cases famous for individual restaurants. But aside from just looking up the most highly rated restaurants and visiting the places recommended for tourists, how are you to decide where specifically to eat while you’re traveling?
Answers to that question may still vary from one destination to the next. However, there are a few things to consider as options that typically provide fun, unique, and delicious dining experiences in foreign cities and countries.
1. Food Markets – Best Places to Eat while Traveling
If you’re interested in the most authentic dining experience possible when you’re abroad, you should always seek out local food markets. Some of the best in the world are La Boqueria in Barcelona, Borough Market in London, and La Merced in Mexico City, to give you an idea of some you may have heard of. However, similar markets exist all over the world in major cities. In Morocco, you can get pit-roasted lamb on the spot with a mint tea accompaniment; in Rome, you can customize your own cannoli; in Singapore, one food stand won a Michelin Star! These places can often look like sprawling outdoor groceries at first glance, but when you explore them you tend to find delicious, affordable local ingredients and dishes.
2. Casino Floors – Best Places to Eat while Traveling
Not every destination has a casino, but many do, and at the good ones there are almost always some quality fine dining options. Many Americans reading will think first of Vegas, and there are good examples there. But at some other nearby casinos in Canada the idea holds true as well. Despite its reputation for an array of legal sites in the online gambling space, Canada has some real casinos as well, and they’re full of excellent restaurants: Tramonto at the River Rock outside of Vancouver, L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon in Montreal, and so on. And wherever you go around the world you’ll find more of the same. Fine ethnic dining, classy steakhouses, and celebrity chef establishments are the norm in casino venues.
3. Historic Establishments – Best Places to Eat while Traveling
Perhaps it goes without saying, but whenever you’re in a city with an historic restaurant – one that might have been there for a hundred years or even longer – it’s probably famous for a region! Granted, some of these places can more or less become tourist attractions, but they still tend to offer a lot of charm and some excellent traditional menu items. A few examples that come to mind in prominent destinations are Our Letzten Instanz in Berlin, Sobrino de Botin in Madrid, and even Ye Olde Union Oyster House, which was built in Massachusetts in 1704 (though it didn’t become a full restaurant until 1826). The combination of atmosphere, tradition, and quality at old places like these tends to be enough to make for an excellent meal.
4. Little Regions – Best Places to Eat while Traveling
There isn’t really a great all-encompassing word for this concept, but the idea is to consider places like “Chinatown,” or “Little Italy,” etc. in big cities. Most major cities have little quarters like these that pay homage to other cultures and cuisines, usually with the help of an immigrant population that brings an authenticity to it all. Sometimes it’s a bit more gimmicky than that, but in the best cases you can get incredibly delicious, real food from far-flung places no matter what city you’re in. Chinatown in San Francisco is known for showcasing the best of China for instance, and few would argue against the quality of the Italian food in New York’s Little Italy, or some of the Indian restaurants in London.
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