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San Diego Restaurant Week a Pay What you Please Walking Tour

Carlsbad Food and Wine Walking Tour

GuruWalk is an international community for pay-what-you-please walking tours.  GuruWalks connects tourists with tour guides all around the world. But their mission is for you to be able to enjoy this type of tour in any place you can imagine.
The GuruWalk community is made up of its “gurus,” the guides who are fun, open-minded, attentive people who have a lot of knowledge about their city and will be your friend as you get to know a new destination wherever you end up traveling.
However, the other part of the community are the “walkers,” or tourist who opt for this type of tour over the more traditional tours, who enjoy unforgettable experiences and most importantly, love to travel around the world doing guruwalks.  Since, we even have one in San Diego, you should check it out.

Free walking tour San Diego amazing views:

About the tour
People say it is one of the best cities in the United States to live, and after a month and a half here, we confirm it. It has everything you would expect from a big city. Perfect weather, spectacular beaches, calm but at the same time restless and enterprising environment, skyscrapers in the downtown and very easy and comfortable driving.
Enjoy beautiful views unique hikes and delicious local ethnic food. Prepare yourself for an adventure in this amazing guruwalk 🙂
Guru Walking Tour San Diego
If you would like to eat while walking the town join us at Carlsbad Food Tours.  We are a guided walking tour around Carlsbad in North County San Diego.  We stop at 8 unique eateries for food tastings, wine and history.  Come and eat your way through Carlsbad.
Carlsbad Food Tours