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San diego california

10 Reasons To Be Jealous Of San Diego

It’s not San Diego’s fault that it’s so incredibly beautiful, fun and exciting. But that doesn’t stop others from being jealous!  To fully understand just how wonderful this slice of paradise truly is, here are 10 reasons why other cities dream about San Diego. 1. San Diego, California is home to America’s FINEST City. It’s cities always show up on the “best of” lists for the top places to live.  It is the fourth-best large city in the country in which to live, according to a ranked list released Tuesday by the personal finance website WalletHub. In 2020 they ranked cities with a population above 300,000 by evaluating their affordability, economic strength, education and health quality, quality of life and safety. 2. There are endless views around every corner of San Diego. And they’re only a short drive or walk…

San Diego and Carlsbad Named Among 'Happiest' Cities in US

San Diego ranks No. 23 on the index of the 25 “Happiest Places” in the United States, according to National Geographic Fellow and author Dan Buettner By Monica Garske San Diego and Carlsbad Named Among ‘Happiest’ Cities in US.  NBC 7 morning anchors Marianne Kushi and Greg Bledsoe speak with National Geographic Fellow and author Dan Buettner about his research into the World’s Happiest Cities. San Diego and Carlsbad are named among those happiest cities in the US — and here’s why. (Published Wednesday, Oct. 18, 2017) Here’s a reason to smile, San Diego: with proximity to the water and residents who practice healthy habits, San Diego and Carlsbad have been named among the happiest cities in the United States. National Geographic Fellow Dan Buettner, author of the new National Geographic book, “The Blue Zones of Happiness,” has spent years traveling the globe…