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The Original Downtown Taste Santa Barbara Food Tour

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 Cherimarie Poulos | May 8, 2017 | FOOD TOURS AROUND THE WORLD


The Original Downtown Santa Barbara Food Tour

Enjoy a progressive lunch through the famous Taste Santa Barbara Food Tour. Eat, drink, walk and learn about Santa Barbara in all it’s glory. Spice things up and eat dessert first. Our tours are foodie tested and approved! Suitable for most ages, all fitness levels (under 2 easy miles and burn some calories too). Tickets range from $79 – $99.

Time flies when you’re having fun!
3.5ish hours of local dining, drinks and fun.
Visit 7.5 local eatery/watering holes where SB locals really do go, we swear. We enjoy delicious libations, delectable flavors to savor & you definitely will receive some entertainment that won’t disappoint.
Satisfy your appetite with our town’s award winning cuisines as you indulge your palate for a few hours of sipping, sampling & savoring. This fun & informative 3.5 hour progressive lunch will open your eyes to a new Santa Barbara. Rich in history, mostly modern history, but some history, history too, culture and food. The tour is suitable for adults & teens (bring toddlers at your own risk). Taste Santa Barbara Food Tour – The Original Downtown Food Tour will explore Santa Barbara while leisurely walking through downtown with our fun, local guides who will share the inside scoop on just about everything Santa Barbara!
Scroll down for tasting locations!


Who shouldn’t taste with Taste? Well, actually there are probably some people who should not come on our tours, but really anyone & everyone who likes to have a good time & eat. The tour is even good for people who don’t love walking & picky eaters who want to explore new foods – we promise we won’t get too scary or at least we won’t tell you what you are eating until after it’s been eaten – just kidding. Join us for Taste Santa Barbara Food Tour – The Original Downtown Food Tour!


Let’s get your tickets on!