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Safe Traveling After Corona – Travel Essentials List

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Travelling is a pastime enjoyed by millions all over the world. Statistics show that most individuals and families travel at one time or another. Some do it for fun, some to visit family and others to attend a business meeting or conference.

Unfortunately, travel around the world has essentially stopped. This is due to the recent Coronavirus disease (Covid-19) pandemic. The disease has affected millions all over the world, and most countries have recommended people don’t travel for their own safety, or the safety of others.

While things are looking rather bleak right now, the pandemic will eventually be over, and it will be safe to travel again. However, even once this pandemic is over, it is important to remember to stay safe. 

With that in mind, let’s look at some travel essentials you should have with you to safely travel after the Coronavirus pandemic is over.

A Thermos or Water Bottle

Staying hydrated while travelling is incredibly important. While you could opt for buying water bottles and coffees during your travels, your adventures might not always take you somewhere where that is always an option. As a result, packing a water bottle or thermos can be a life saver.

Of course, take time to just pick the right coffee thermos or wattle bottle to make sure it is the right size and level of durability that you need. Also, having your own bottle or thermos will stop you from having to drink from bottles or cups that could have potentially been touched by other people. This will be helpful in reducing your chances of catching anything.


Hand Sanitizer and Wipes

While hand sanitizer and wipes should have always been on your travel list, it is more true now than ever. In a pinch, they are great for keeping your hands clean, as well as any surfaces you need to touch. Using these will ensure all items and surfaces you touch can be cleaned. Your hands can be kept clean without constantly having to visit the bathroom.

Most of us touch a variety of things on a daily basis and don’t even think about it. This pandemic has brought all that we touch into the forefront of our minds. It has let us see just how careless many of us were in the past. Having sanitizer and wipes with you will ensure that no matter where you go, you can stay safe and sanitary.

A Lock

Having a lock is something everyone should have on their list, no matter how far they are travelling. While it won’t keep you safe like our last few items, it will keep your items safe. There are a wide range of locks, from locks that keep your bag closed, or locks that keep your bag secured to something else if you need to leave it alone for one reason or another.

Without either locking your bag to something, or locking it closed, you could potentially have your items taken. Depending on what is taken, you could find yourself in a very dire situation or emergency. Imagine getting stuck in a hostel in Bangkok after your passport, phone, wallet and rest of your items were stolen while you were out for a swim. These situations can be avoided with a simple lock that won’t often cost more than a few dollars.

Portable Charger

Whether it is your phone, your camera or your laptop, most of us travel with a number of devices. These are often lifelines to the world, and most of us have a ton of important things on these devices that we check regularly. If you run out of battery, it can leave you unable to do a variety of things. 

You can’t look at directions, can’t contact anyone, can’t keep up with the news and if you get lost, you will not be able to reach out for help. While finding an outlet isn’t too difficult in most cities, if you are out camping or in another remote location, you won’t always be able to charge your devices. Having a dead device during an emergency or dangerous solution can be terrifying, so be sure to always keep a portable charger with you.

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance is the best way to ensure some form of compensation if your trip needs to be cancelled for COVID-19 related reasons.

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In conclusion, the items on this list should definitely be in your backpack or suitcase once you go on your next vacation, once it is safe to do so.