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Taste Trekkers

Taste Trekkers

Founded in 2013, Taste Trekkers is the nation’s leading food tourism website providing travel tips and local food recommendations to thousands of traveling foodies around the globe. Geared toward people who plan their vacations around food, Taste Trekkers offers curated advice from culinary experts in the form of its Find Dining Podcast, Food & Travel Blog, and its nationally celebrated Food and Travel Expo.

Seth Resler bio:

Seth Resler is the founder of the social dining group Mystery Meet. His event production and marketing work has been heralded by The Boston Globe, Radio and Records Magazine, WBUR-FM, and A Brown graduate, his work earned a Citizen Citation from the Mayor of Providence and was named ‘Best of 2009’ by Rhode Island Monthly. Visit

What is a Food Tour?

A culinary or food tour is a professionally guided tour of the local food and beverage scene and may include hands-on workshops. Food tours can be a great way to get a taste for local ingredients and artisan products as well as to learn the history and culture of the region, particularly with respect to how it influenced the development of the cuisin
The nature and duration of the tour will vary. They are typically conducted in groups, though private or small group tours may also be available. Common examples are a walking tour of the restaurants and shops in a particular neighborhood or a bus tour of a city’s ethnic neighborhoods City or country tours may also be conducted by bicycle, Segway, or private car service.
Find a Food Tour

How long does a culinary tour last?

A typical food tour will last 2-4 hours. Some tour agencies also offer all-day or multi-day culinary excursions.

How much does a food tour cost?


Often food tours will cost between $35-70 per person. Longer tours or tours with additional amenities may cost more.

Will food be provided?

Usually. This will depend on the particular food operator. Many food tours include meals or tasting samples that will more than satisfy as a meal alternative. You may be responsible for purchasing your own food and beverages from the locations being visited. This will typically be specified on the travel agency’s website.