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The Baking Frenzy in Quarantine

The quarantine stress baking frenzy is driving thousands of locked up Americans into their kitchens to knead dough and bake bread as a way of coping with life under quarantine. See hashtag: #quarantinebaking or just #baking in general on the social media channels. Homemade sourdough bread seems to be the ultimate bread making experience.
History has shown us that people bake in times of distress and uncertainty. Quarantine baking is as much about the process as it is about the final product, it’s a meditative process for stress reduction.  Baking is mindful process in which you are in the present moment of here and now.  Baking can also give one a sense of control, you start a project and finish it within a prescribed time frame.  Focus, focus, focus, that is what baking gives you. It allows you to focus on something positive instead of continuing to listen to the negative news situation.  It gives one a sense of peace, it may not be the same as serotonin but people are definitely baking for mental health reasons as well as the delicious outcome.
As long as we are in quarantine we will most likely continue baking, hopefully you have all the ingredients needed. And yes, you can make bread without yeast, however, in my case it did not turn out quite as well. Enjoy and keep on baking.

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