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5 Tips for a Food Tour Vlog in Carlsbad, CA

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Carlsbad is a coastal paradise where each street corner unveils a culinary masterpiece waiting to be explored. With the ever-growing popularity of food tours and travel vlogs, which, according to one study, is a genre that has gained millions of followers and billions of views since 2020, Carlsbad is the perfect playground for documenting your discovery of new and exciting flavors.

So, grab your camera, explore the picturesque streets, and savor the unique tastes that make Carlsbad a delectable destination for any foodie. Here are some food tour vlogging tips to get you started.

Create a solid itinerary

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There’s a lot more that goes into a food tour vlog than you might think. That’s why researching the best local eateries, opening and closing times, distances between each food tour stop, and bestselling menu items is the best first step to take. Carlsbad Food Tours has a great itinerary for your Vlog.  We stop at 6 unique eateries for food and wine tastings. We are an easy button to push when planning your day in Carlsbad. The plethora of famous Carlsbad food havens you can start looking at include the Carlsbad Village Farmers’ Market, a go-to for fresh, local ingredients and a vibrant atmosphere. You’ll also want to consider the iconic local dishes this coastal city offers, including fish tacos from popular spots such as Norte Mexican Food & Cocktails or Señor Grubby’s. Finally, a food tour vlog in Carlsbad won’t be complete without footage of stunning ocean scenes. For the best sunset views, visit oceanfront restaurants like Vigilucci’s Seafood & Steakhouse or Chandler’s Oceanfront Dining.

Plan your vlog content

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Storytelling is an important component of engaging food vlogs. Before you start shooting, prepare a shot list and create a script or a loose structure of what you want to cover. This way, you can stay on track during the shoot and ensure you don’t forget any vital pieces of information. For a more in-depth and authentic perspective, it’s best to include the people making the food. Interview chefs and restaurant owners to share behind-the-scenes insights and stories. However, don’t forget to set all of this up beforehand to avoid issues on the shoot day. It’s prudent to make calls and coordinate with the restaurants you plan on visiting to secure any necessary permissions for filming and interviews.

Promote local businesses

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Foster relationships with local businesses by promoting their social media handles and encouraging collaboration for mutual benefit. During your interviews, emphasize the unique aspects of each business–whether it’s a family-owned legacy, a commitment to sustainable practices, or a special culinary technique. For example, Campfire is well-known in Carlsbad for its wood-fired cuisine and cozy ambiance. Meanwhile, Pizza Port and the Rouler Brewing Company are highlights of the city’s vibrant craft brewery scene. By connecting on a deeper level with the spots on your food tour, you’ll add depth to your vlog while showcasing local businesses in a positive light.

Invest in a good camera

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In contrast to typical travel videos, food and travel vlogs are much more personal. Investing in a good quality camera will ensure your audience can appreciate your food tour like they’re actually there with you. You can play up this aspect further by shooting clips from your point of view. For a less intrusive, hands-free approach to food vlogging, smart glasses are ideal. The Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses frees you from the constraints of a hand-held camera so you can really live in the moment. Its ultra-wide 12 MP camera captures 1080p videos, and five hidden mics ensure top-notch footage and audio quality, too. Vlogging cameras are another good option. Take the GoPro Hero11 Black: it has a slimmer form factor, one-button operation, sharp picture quality, and a taller sensor that can film the perfect vertical videos for promoting your vlog on TikTok and Instagram.

Pay attention to audio quality

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Audio quality can make or break a vlog, so consider using an external microphone or a lavalier microphone for clear and professional sound. This is especially important if you’re a beginner opting to start out vlogging with only a smartphone. Lavalier mics are portable and easy to use. They’re simply plugged into your smartphone and are small enough to fit in your pocket. If you’re on a budget, try the Sony ECM-LV1, which comes with a windscreen along with a 360-degree clip to attach the mic anywhere. One downside to using a lav mic is that it has little to no isolation from shocks, so they’re best used in quiet environments.

There you have it: a few useful tips for vlogging a food tour in beautiful Carlsbad. By following the tips we’ve shared, you can look forward to showcasing the diverse and mouthwatering offerings of this coastal city, inviting viewers to savor the tastes and experiences that make Carlsbad an unforgettable destination for food enthusiasts.

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